Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Autodesk Sketchbook copic Edition

There's a program called AutoDesk Sketchbook and they just came out with a copic edition.... so i decided to try out the free trail.
the colour selection is nice since it's limited. (i know that sounds like an odd positive but it is really nice. )
i just don't like the interface... it's a little clunky compared to Photoshop where damn near everything can be finessed and has a shortcut. in this you have to click and drag and ugh half the time it does stuff i dont want it to.... like i said i've been pampered by Photoshop.

but still it may be a fun program to have around for doodling but even then i'd rather use Photoshop.

anyways it's Arian who hasn't been drawn in ages~ probably because it looks like a pain bucket full of colours dropped on her....

but yeah it's a fun program to play with i guess but i will not be using it in the future... you can DL the trail (which from what i can see really only flattens the image if you close it.) http://copic.jp/en/sketchbook-ce.html

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