Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ceres: Celestial Legend

This was a show i was curious about when i was younger... when i saw it was all on crunchyroll i figured this was the perfect chance.

and yeah... it's an anime... that exists i guess

It's about twin, Aya and Aki... who are reincarnations of a celestial maiden and the man who stole her celestial robe.

a lot of characters die... Aya seeming falls in love with characters really fast... like so fast it kind of comes out of nowhere... lots of characters die... like next to Natsume Yuujinchou one of the bloodiest Shojo anime i have seen.

but in the end it's all just so quite and even though everything is resolved... next to nothing is accomplished. it just felt way too rushed to be enjoyable.

So yeah it's not bad... but it does show how far we've come as far as storytelling and character development in anime.

I will also say good job on not romanticizing incest... i was worried for a bit there but you always showed it to be bad and that is very refreshing... cause yeah getting a little tired of "oh we aren't really related" being a thing in anime.

also according to MAL i had watched 7 episodes of this who knows how long ago...
i.... do not remember that at all.... like... not even a little.

anyways you can watch it on crunchyroll if you are curious
However it seems you need a subscription to watch it so keep that in mind.

ok shonen maid ends tomorrow and then the summer season starts... looking forward to all the new shows 

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