Saturday, 25 June 2016


Kiznaiver is about a group of 7 teens who are all in the same class obtaining a wound that forces them to share their pain 7 ways.
Other then this wound the 7 chosen have nothing in common. one of them actually completely lacks the ability to feel any pain.
Eventually it transcends physical pain as their bond grows deeper and deeper. They continue to learn more and more about each others pasts and eventually how to open up to people.

This show is beautifully animated, Trigger really outdid themselves with it. The music is good and the story is well done... however
as i sit here i can't help think it's just okay...

It's better then mediocre... it can feel a bit rushed at points but it never feels like it's wasting it's potential... but for a show about resonating with others it never really resonated with me.

It's bit disappointing cause i wanted to like this more but in the end my relationship with trigger's anime has been spotty at best and it could just be i had my guard up and therefor couldn't connect with it... i honestly don't know.
But i think i can say it's a good show... it's not a waste of time at least. I'm glad it was the other show i marathonned a few days ago cause yeah waiting week to week would have made me lose interest completely.

The good:
Animation (but i mean Trigger stuff is always very pretty and colourful)
Story, characters and music.

The not so good
I never got into it... i didn't dislike it... it just never made me care.

oh Shonen maid is over too... alright i'll get right on that!

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