Friday, 24 June 2016

First Impressions: Tokyo Mirage Session #FE

*takes a deep breath*
let me start with a quick story time.

When they announced a SMT x FE title many years ago i knew it was going to be so up my alley that even if it was an unplayable piece of crap i would adore every minute of it cause.... SMT.... and FE... together.

then we didn't hear about anything to do with it for quite a while.

Then one E3 in... uh... 2014? 2015? around then... they showed this adorable colourful game where crazy costume, idols and Performas (honestly that still makes me chuckle) and they called it possibly the dumbest name i've every heard... Tokyo Mirage Session #FE

now a sane normal unbiased person would look at that and go "wow thats going to be awful"
I however looked at it and said "I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW"

Everyone around me was saying how stupid it looks and how it's going to be awful and i would just reply with "I don't care... i will buy it... hopefully there is a special edition... but it will be mine no matter what"

and here it is.
My special edition arrived just over an hour ago and after DLing all the DLC that the special edition offers i played through the prologue.

So first off... did it live up to my over hyping myself.
I'm so glad no one else was around to watch me fangirl over this game.

First off it is so pretty... i mean graphics wise it's not the most realistic game you will ever play but it's so colourful and vibrant and  just a joy to look at... it actualyl makes me super excited for persona 5.

Second the battle system is really smooth and fun (my only complaint is that there seem to be some lines that aren't subbed in fights... Tales of hearts R had that issue as well... for someone like me who is learning the language it's not a big deal but i worry others may miss story bits) it takes more from SMT then FE... using all the SMT skills and menu setup.
The characters however are all (or at least so far) Fire emblem based and guessing who's who before they are introduced is too much fun. I am going into this game completely blind (despite nintendo's best efforts to share every little think about it) so yeah just having a blast.

Third... the music... it's like Persona and FE had a baby... cause they kinda did. again it mostly has the feel of SMT music BUT there are bit of FE sprinkled in and it just makes me so happy because besides the obscene amount of falcom music i have my next two faves are SMT and FE songs.

I heard a lot of people bitching baout censorship... i honestly don't know much of what was censored besides a few costumes but i will say this.
People were complaining that most of the Cleavage was edited out.... trust me there is still plently... one character has the buttons of her shirt popping open because of them... i mean i get around that by not wearing buttoned shirts but to each their own.
Either way, as long as they didn't censor story elements i don't really care... i'm having fun. and even if they did... screw it i'm still having fun.

Is there a way to make this better? Yep, add in Falcom...
other then that.... no this game is exactly what i wanted when i saw a colourful idol setting with SMT and FE attached.

Maybe my tune will change as i play more but for now i cannot reccomend it enough.

one side thing that has to do with the Special edition.
I love that in the CD there are cards with the romanji lyrics for each song on it.
i wish it was more then 13 songs but for a sampler from nintendo thats not too bad so i'm not going to complain.

oh before i go... will you like it if you know nothing about SMT or FE?
Honestly... i think so.
The game is good all on it's own... the battle system is pretty much the same as it is in most other SMT games... so as long as you like turnbased type games i think you can get into this one even if you know nothing about either property.... you are just going to get a bit more if you know a little going in.

Final thought.
The menus in this game are adorable, everyone is laying down in a grassy field and as you meet more characters they join you in the menu and it's so cute... all menu's need to learn from this and persona 5... just so much style and world building without having to beat the player over the head with it.

Alright i'm off to go play some more!

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