Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Joker Game

Well... that certainly doesn't feel like an ending.


Joker game is a 12 episode show about a Group of Elite Japanese spies known as D-Agency. It takes place around the second world war and other then a few 2 parters most of the episodes are completely stand alone.

Normally i am not the biggest fan of these types of shows because they are so unconnected and the ending doesn't feel worth it but one fact alone had me coming back week to week.

The art is stunning.

It has this Persona vibe to it... and other then the Art Director (Yoshio Tanioka) having worked on Persona 4's anime as the art director i can't really find any other connection. If you asked me i would have completely thought Shigenori Soejima had something to do with this but i can't find anything to suggest that being the case.
In the end... it doesn't matter cause wow this is pretty, all the characters look unique and even though they are supposed to look like people who can blend into a crowd they still exude character.

The biggest disappointment is that it's 12 episodes.... with not a lot of closure cause
a) it's episodic and none of the episodes truly connect
b) we all kinda know what happened to that country in that war.

Still part of me really does want more.
each episode was truly something special and considering how many episodes have a 'mystery' feel to them they are all set up so well. you are given all the evidence the characters are given you just have to be perceptive enough to catch it... and oh man did i love that aspect.

Anyways, i highly recommend this show, it's quite short but very well done.

The good:
Art, Animation, Character Design and Music. Also the story, while unconnected, is very well done.

The not so good:
Stories don't connect enough for my personal taste granted if you just want to watch different unconnected stories with a basic premise then this may be a plus in your view... for me i was hoping for a little more.

The bad:
Short... so very very short... and not enough closure to certain stories but that could just be my curious side complaining.

You can watch Joker Game on Crunchyroll

I didn't end up watching a whole lot of shows this season so it should be pretty easy to space of these rambles.  The only shows i know are ending soon are Kiznaiver, Shonen maid and My Hero Acedemia... looks like everything else is continuing. i'm probably missing osmething but we will see. Have a good night and watch Joker Game!

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