Monday, 27 June 2016

My Hero Acedemia

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as i did.

The world has gone though another stage of evolution. now people can be born with abilities ranging from controlling electricity to super strength to gaining characterist of certain animals. Almost everyon is now born with an ability that manifests around kindergarten.
Almost being the key word.

I will be honest, shonen shows are not my jam cause most of them time they somehow end up in a tournament and WOW are those boring. Either you know the main character will win OR you have to spend time focusing on characters you don't care about... or they lose and you focus on character you don't care about... anyways for me it's a no win situation.

This first season... no tournaments... yay! we will see what the future has in store i guess.

Anyways my fav thing about this show is actually character design, everyone looks so different and unique, like if you did a silhouette chart you could easy tell every character apart and that is so nice.

The one thing that surprises me is that it's only one cour so far, they have confirmed another one is on the way but no set date as of yet. Shonen almost always just continues so yeah... not quite sure whats going on there... it sounds like there is enough material in the manga to continue but maybe there isn't? i haven't read it.

Still whenever we do get the next season i am looking forward to it... even if i know what will probably come down the horizon... but hey... maybe they'll do that type of storyline well...

The good:
Animation (seriously Bones outdid themselves with this), character design and personality, music, getting me all emotional.

the not so good:
Short... the ending was a perfect midpoint... now it just kinda ends up being a hype cliffhanger. hopefully we wont have to wait long for season 2

You can watch season 1 over at Funimation

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