Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bungo Stray Dogs

End of the episode: To Be Continued.
me: . . . they... have never done that before... don't tell me the show is taking a break! *checks MAL* comes back in October... ugh i hate waiting.

On the other hand now i have an excuse to talk about this show... so that's something

Bungo Stary dogs is about a detective agency full of gifted people. The story focuses on Atsushi who meets the agency by chance and ends up joining since this will allow him to not be a starving orphan and it'll protect him from this mysterious group that has a rather large bounty on his head for some reason.

Well i mean i know the reason but i try to make these things spoiler free so... yeah thats the best i can do.

At the beginning of the spring season i pretty much knew instantly that this would be my fav show of the season.
I mean the characters are great, I love magic (for lack of a better term) in modern settings, the animation is just so much fun and full of so much colour..... and it just happens to have Hiroshi Kamiya in it. (who is my Fav voice actor)

Did it live up to that lofty goal of being the best this season?
Yes... but if this season had been stronger... it might not have been.

Do not get me wrong, i love this show. it made me smile every time it updated... i'm really annoyed that i have to wait 3 months for more (especially considering it'll be up against season 5 of my fav show) I just know that if this season had been stronger it wouldn't be my top pick.

However Summer 2016 is looking pretty good and Fall 2016 is going to be (for me) the best season of anime in the past 4 years (even if i'm literally only watching Natsume yuujinchou 5 and Bungo Stray dogs 2)

Anyways back to the point I really enjoyed the show... a little annoyed by the ending of this season just cause i want to know more about certain character that were just introduced but knowing that i only have to wait till October is a bit of a comfort... i can think of it like a birthday present i guess?

The good:
Animation, seriously is is stunning and fluid and other then a few scenes where they couldn't even be bothered to draw faces it's really detailed.... just you know cost savings and all that.
So many lovable and memorable characters, even though this is mostly Atsushi's story he is rarely the main focus as every character gets their chance to shine.
Did i mention the art? part of me wants to study it since it's very different from how i draw... but i'd just get too focused on the eyes and hair probably.
Also Hiroshi Kamiya.... just... love that he's there and his character is so goofy.

The not so good.
this season is only 12 episodes... and waiting 3 months for more kinda sucks.
Not drawing faces shouldn't be considered a cost saving measure... i know animation is expensive but there are a few episodes where it's litterally just long shots of characters talking with barely any movement.... maybe the bluray version will have faces? i'll only find out if it's brought here for a reasonable price.
also look at MAL and seeing that no one has licensed this for bluray sales makes me sad.. .add that to the not so good list i guess.

other then that can't think of anything too bad.

if you are curious about Bungo Stray Dogs you are in luck, you can watch it on Crunchyroll for free.

now onto the next show!

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