Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Lost Village (spoilers kinda)

This is one of those anime that you can't describe without spoiling something so.... guess i'm not even going to try because i honestly didn't care for this show and would rather no one else waste their time.

A large group of people who want to leave their past lives behind go on a tour but the Lost Village (Nanaki Village)
each of them have their reasons for joining the tour but when they find the town it seems like no one is there... despite it being reticently lived in.

Soon after mosters start showing up... except no one seems to be able to describe the monster.... or at least all the descriptions are different.

It was at this point where i went "Oh... this is the Illusion card episode from Cardcaptor Sakura stretched out into a 12 episode series"
And in the end i wasn't wrong... it even has a similar moral to that episode.

anyways presented with all these mysteries and possible danger the group must decide if they want to continue to throw their previous lives behind and stay in the village or deal with the monsters and leave.

When this show started i thought "well this is a rather large cast... it probably needs an episode or two to get going"
This time i was wrong cause the show never fully realizes the potential for the story is has presented... and the ending is one of the most rushed and wishy washy wastes of time i have experienced in a while.

Is it bad enough to get in my top 5 least fav/most anger inducing shows? no... cause it's not terrible... it's just mediocre which is worse.
if it had been terrible i would have stopped after a few episodes... but that potential had me curious... kind of.

Originally i did only watch 2 episodes but i had a friend say it was neat so when it hit 10 episodes i marathoned the rest... and that was a good decision on my part cause waiting week to week for this dull show would have been far more annoying.

Can i recommend it? No, but it's on Crunchyroll so please feel free to see it for yourself and make your own opinion

The good:
Intro song - it's well animated and gives a good quick overview to the large cast of characters... it also manages to give those characters more personality then the show ever does.
Concept - it could have been really well done... more on this in a bit

The not so good:
Concept: due to large cast and short amount of episodes as well as a large group of characters that are just downright unlikable we know nothing and more importantly can't care about any of these people.

The annoying:
here is where i spoil the show so... read at your own risk. 
For a show that is literally about facing your own past trauma it is incredibly blasé about it... and based on what little we see no one actually deal with their trauma.
Literally all the people we see accepting it are just like "it's ok, this isn't so bad after all, i'll just accept the pain" and as someone who has gone through trauma i find that a little insulting.
oh so your saying i just have to go "that thing that happened two decades ago doens't bug me anymore" and i'll be fine? cause..... no.
EXCEPT that ISN'T what the show is trying to tell you.
a large group stays behind for... reasons...
i mean we know nothing about these people so yeah... reasons.... some just saying "my trauma is too hard to deal with" and others being like "there is no life waiting for me if i go back"
Again.... NO... that isn't how shit works. yes trauma sucks, you just have to deal with it... you shouldn't forget it or pretend it doesn't bug you cause it makes up part of who you are but you also shouldn't wallow in it... there is a happy balance that this show chooses to ignore and that is kinda infuriating...
especially considering there was so much chance for character development and pretty much no one changes... and if they do change it's instant and really doesn't matter cause we literally don't see them again till the end.
but in the end... the most annoying this is that it could not exist and nothing would really change... it brought nothing to the table. completely and utterly pointless.

hm... ok maybe it's a little worse then mediocre.... but only a little

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