Saturday, 2 July 2016

Zero Time Dilemma (spoiler free)

As the platinum trophy for this game popped up only one thought came across my mind.

"Ah... it's over"

And i just stared at the screen for a moment, unsure whether to smile or shed a tear... i still don't completely know how i feel about this series being done.

All i know is that i am so thankful it was made.

I'm so thankful it even exists at all.

I really enjoyed danganronpa... but when i heard it's popularity would probably push Zero Escape 3 to an indefinite release... i was heartbroken. (especially after the ending to Virtues last reward) but here it is.... 4 years after i finished the first game the final piece of the puzzle is done.

I know a lot of reviews are saying it's a bit flawed... i haven't read them yet so i don't know what they are completely talking about... but for me... someone who loves over analyzing stuff and using outside knowledge to finish puzzles... i loved every second of it.

if they are talking about the graphics then.... yeah ok there are issues there... plus some scenes made my vita unbearably hot... but story and gameplay wise i feel it is so well done.

Possibly my favourite thing about this game is how tactile it is.
You need to push a button? real life you has to reach out and touch the screen.
you need to move stuff arounf for a puzzle? you actualyl have to use your hand.
maybe it's just cause this is my first Vita version of a Zero escape game... but i did connect with a bit more then when i was using a stylus. I'm sure the 3ds version is fine... i can only comment on this version.

I know i haven't talked about the plot or characters at all... i can't... it's all a giant spoiler... all i will say is this.

The characters have been broken into 3 teams in 3 different wards. The goal is simple. Survive and Escape.... in order to escape 6 must die. Teams have 90 minutes to try and escape, after that they are knocked out with medicine from their bracelets and their memories are erased. (this is especially cool since you can pretty much jump anywhere on the timeline from the start as long as certain conditions are met. )

There are some returning characters, some haven't changed much at all.. some are unrecognizable... and in the end... *shrugs* can't say too much...

a couple of noteworthy things... the had me teary eyed twice... and full on sobbing at least 2 times.

Much like the other two games i didn't see the biggest reveal coming (and for someone who prides herself on being able to predict twists... having 3 for 3 fool me hurts my pride just a little bit... but out of all of them i was the closest to figuring out this one)  but i must say... well done game.

and finally i beat it with a time of 22:24:30... just incase you were curious how long it took me to get everything. (it might have been longer had i not accidentally solved a few puzzles without the game giving me hints...i was really trying to get everything out of this game though... and i would consider the entire series completed.)

If you don't like Visual Novels will this game/series change your mind.
maybe? i think out of the three the final one is the most likely to convert someone into enjoying the genre.... but you NEED to play the other two... and that may be a lot to ask from someone.

Still i hope more people play it... i hope more people enjoy it... and i hope no one hates me for all the fanart i want to draw for it cause OH BOY.... i have a feeling it may be quite a bit.

So yeah... i'm sad that it's over...


The beginning of a story is a happy accident.
The ending is the fate for which it's met.
a story that does not end is a tragic thing.

if nothing else... at least i have danganronpa 3 to look forward to.

But seriously.... Thank you to all those that worked on the Zero Escape Series.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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