Friday, 15 July 2016

Ristorante Paradiso

one of the nice things about having a stable crunchyroll connection to my tv means i can watch even more shows before bed~

This show caught my eye for two reasons.

1. the art style looks very unique... backgrounds have a sort of water colour painting effect and it's just very pretty.
2. almost all the guys on the poster are wearing glasses which is A-OK with me.

Nicoletta has come to Rome to confront the mother that abandonned her. Apparently her new boyfriend refuses to marry someone who is divorced so Nicoletta is placed in her grandparents care as the mother plans to take this secret to her grave.
Nicoletta is less then please about this and decides to get revenge on her mother by telling the new husband. however after seeing how happy her mother is and falling in love with a staff member at her mothers ristorante she decides to keep the secret as well and to work as a aprentice at the ristorant.
The unique thing about this ristorante? all of the staff wear glasses (and apparently they are all older.... who cares about that... GLASSES)

past that point it's just a slice of life show... the food is lovingly drawn and all you learn more abotu each character in an episode but it does nothing unique or special. i wished there was just a bit more depth to some character but the main ones are enjoyable to watch.
plus seeing a show set in rome is pretty cool, not a typical setting at all (i think the show might even be a co-production but i haven't confirmed that)

so yeah it's a good chill slice of life show that i enjoyed but will probably forget out down the road... still at only 11 episodes it's a nice short little watch.

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