Friday, 15 July 2016


i forgot to write some of these so yeah second in a row... sorry about that.

ReLife is about an experiment where people who have a hard time fitting into society take a pile that makes them appear younger and they go back to highschool to experience a year over again and possibly change.

I was surprised how much i enjoyed this, i hope we eventually get another season since it feels like there is a lot more story to tell.

the story is sweet and moving and even got me to tear up at points.
I wish the animation was just a little better but still it was very enjoyable... other then why back to highschool... that sounds like hell.
Like i had a fine time in highschool but WOW it was BORING.... even redoing the final year just sounds dull. maybe Japanese high schools are different (granted they seem far more stressful)

but yeah a really enjoyable show, surprisingly good.

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