Saturday, 2 July 2016

Shonen Maid

When i first saw the title for this show i was baffled... it's just so stupid... boy maid? like... is that really so hard to imagine it had to be the title for the show.

but after the first episode i fell in love with this sweet little slice of life show.

Chihiro just recently lost his mother, his own known family member. However before he has to go into foster care his uncle appears and offers him a place to live.
Chihiro feels a bit of resentment towards the main branch of the family since they abandonned his mother... so he refuses... until he realizes how messy the house is... and his uncle picks up on how much of a clean freak chihiro is.
Instead he offers him a job: free room, board, and school fees as long as he tidies up the house and cooks.

the rest is just adorableness.

Is there a plot? not really...
is there much of a character arc? no.... or at least it's extremely small.

it's just a sweet happy show that you can watch on funimation  

and i think that prety much does it for the Spring 2016 season.... i know i still need to write up my sailor moon thoughts but i'll wait till tomorrow.

now onto Summer 2016! 

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