Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited

Yay for Vita ports~ even though i now own the system that the game was originally on..... granted i didn't own the system when i bought the port... and honestly i prefer these kinds of games on handheld so yeah... yay port.

So, this games endings are a little different then the other disgaea games...
Instead of a few bad, a normal, a true and some alternate path endings.... you really just get Alts (which always require losing in certain matches.) Epilogues (which fall under normal endings which seems to only have the requierment of beat the game) and True (which requiers Valvatorez to be lv 500 Minimum................... pass... for now at least)

I got, without looking up how to get endings, Alt: Emizel and Epilogue: Artina
and yeah even though there are A LOT of other endings i am happy with that. I may go back and get some more, repeat playthroughs of disgaea games can be so short (considering everything transfers) but Danganronpa 2 is on it's way and i'll be playing that before i try and beat this again.

Okay before i get into it i gotta mention i love disgaea games a lot... so i'll be rambling.

Disgaea 4 follows Valvatorez, a Vampire who refuses to drink blood. His extremely loyal Servant Fenrich (seriously Fenrich is easily the most loyal character in any of the disgaea games...). A Prinny that has a human form and thinks everything is a dream named Fuka, A money grubbing angel known as "Vulcanis" who just happens to look like someone from valvatorez' past. Emizel, death himself (other then the fact he has yet to reap any souls. and Fuka, a final boss in training.

the netherworld is losing power. Humans no longer fear demons and have lost their faith in god and angels. Valvatorez was simply minding his own business instructing the prinny's of their duties now they they need to atone for the sins they had as humans... when suddenly a group of assassins come and try to kill all the prinnys... and whats worse they try to fire Valvatorez.
however he made a promise to the prinnys that when they were done training they would each get a sardine and these assassins are getting in the way of that promise.
that of course sets off a huge chain of events that all lead up to trying to solve the energy crisis.

This series is full of humor and this one in particular has a running gag of valvatorex praising the gloriousness that is the sardine.
I could imagine most people find this grating
i know i sure did.
but about halfway through it's not mentioned as much so yeah if that turned you off then try to get past it and there is a good story in there.

This is also the smallest cast i can think of for any of the turn based strategy NISA games which is kinda nice. it allows for more character interaction as well as being able to use everyone.

If i had to rate it's story it's probably my second fav of the 4 i have played... Disgaea 1 will always be my favorite Disgaea game... if not my favorite strategy game overall... it's just got such a special place in my heart.
the reason why i'm unsure if it's second or third is because disgaea 3 is also really good... this kinda gets the edge cause i liked Valvatorez WAY more then i liked Moa but Disgaea 3 isn't as gag heavy (at least not food gag heavy i guess)
I also like that this game doesn't make any of my characters unplayable for the final battle... thats something that still pisses me off about Disgaea 1 (also cause that character was my fav and i trained them so much)

They have also streamlined the combat a lot more in this, instead of having to redo your choice in where you move you can just tell the character to move again. You can promote character instead of reincarnate (difference is going back to lv 1 with a lot of growth under your belt vs just going up a class and not having to get back to your level. )

The game does deal with some..... theological themes so if you are easily offended by that kinda thing... may not be the game for you. (lets just say you have to pull and Adol Christian in order to get the true ending...)

The ninja, my favorite class, doesn't feel as good as it used to... i mean i was able to heal it with my cleric..... thats just wrong... but it does feel like they have balanced him out a bit more.... or perhaps transferred his godly dodging skills to the masked hero class.... but i like my ninjas broken and dodgy.

The "final chapter" is very very very long... longest "final chapter" ever.... thats fine but i thought i was beating this game yesterday... and then it just kept on going.
oh and the last few maps are really really tough, lots of instances of great difference in height

The sprite art is lovely, the subtle emotions that are able to be conveyed on their faces is pretty impressive... we have come a lot way from disgaea 1 in that regard.

there are "past" chapters... depending on the level needed to play them i will probably check them out before danganronpa arrives.
and i am curious about that true endings... but level 500.... (i'm around 150 at the moment) we'll see.

But yeah if you like disgaea games then this is another great one and the vita version is so nice.
if you already played the ps3 version from what i understand the main difference is that all the DLC is present and the past chapters may be new? or just DLC? i dunno.

but yeah i enjoyed this game a lot, it's funny... I didn't cry but thats okay since not too much sad in this one (probably saved for the past chapters)
You may get sick of hearing about sardines and promises but i think it's worth it in the end.

now i just gotta get Disgaea D2 (but first tales of graces f and Xillia 2)

Oh.... and what happened to flonne? how did she become what she is in this game? i mean... i feel like theres a chunk missing there... hmmmm
curious... i'm sure it's explained somewhere.
anyways yeah, get this game... and all the other disgaea games... even 2 (it may have the weakest story but the main character is quite litterally a ninja class so thats a LOT of fun)

The good:
Story, humour, characters, combat system, Music.... it's all pretty damn good.... unless you don't like turn based grid based strategy rpgs.

The not so good: 
while it never sais anything bad about theology near the end of the game some things happen and i know a certain type of person may be offended..... but i also think that same type of person wouldn't play a game series where you are literally Demons in hell and occasionally trying to take over earth and/or celestia... because thats what demons do.
on the flip side i think is has some interesting concepts dealing with advancement of technology and erosion of fear of the unknown and consequently erosion of faith but i have known people who would totally get offended at concepts in this game so i figuured best to let you know.

The annoying:
The "Final chapter"... seriously it's almost longer then the rest of the game.

But yeah, great game... so happy i finally got to play it... and disgaea 5 was just announced.... yay.
okay that's enough rambling for one night.

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