Tuesday, 23 September 2014

DRAMAtical murder

When this show first came on the only reason i knew it was based of a Yaoi game was because someone i follow on tumblr really liked it.

I'm not the biggest fan of Yaoi because it almost always gets rapey [at least any i have personally seen] (case and point i was watching Love Stage cause it was sweet and adorable and then out of nowhere extremely rapey so i stopped) so i was a bit worried going into this
However... there is nothing in this that shows this is based on Yaoi.
the most that ever happens is a kiss.

However all that aside... this show is kinda terrible.
I have a feeling (cause the fanbase for the game is quite large) that the plot goes far more indepth to Aoba's voice powers and each characters issues and the overall guy wanting to control the world cause reasons.... but in this is just the most shallow thing i have ever seen.
Conflict is introduced and solved almost immediately... the rules of the world are explained but then things happen and it's like... you can't even really get from context whats going on.
it's all very rushed and just kinda ends and everyone gets a happy ending cause... why not?

I dunno it just had some neat ideas and didn't deliver on any of them cause 12 episodes is not a lot of time.

The good:
some of the visuals are interesting?
Noiz has a neat design (though i must say the future has extremely strange fashion sense according to this show)
I like the idea that if we have computers that took on a 'living form' it would be animals cause who wouldn't want a personal puppy computer that could talk.... that sounds adorable.  (though i would have a kitty cause fav animal and all)

The not so good:
The animation ranges for adequate to utterly horrendous... theres a scene where Aoba goes from being a brunette wearing and ornage shirt to his normal bright blue hair and blue shirt.... and i'm 99% sure it wasn't done on purpose.
it's been 12 episodes and i still only know very surface things about these characters... yeah i know a bit of their backstory but i have no idea or clue as to why they help Aoba so much.
Too much info and not enough time, each character (whom i assume is a suitor in the game) gets an episode and their own ending song.... but i didn't really care about any of them.. .Clear has the most character development out of all of them and even that is mostly exposition dialogue.

The bad:
It's been a long time since i've heard a show with such stunningly awful music...  I don't normally skip intro or ending songs but for this i had to cause my ears protested every time [except the character specific songs which i did listen to since they only happen once each]
unmemorable, in a few weeks i will have completely forgotten about this show.
Characters are blander then bland and their motivations make little to no sense.
The reason for one of Aoba's character traits is mentioned once at the start and once at the end and it's like.... you made such a fuss for that and it meant pretty much nothing?
Also they make out Rhyme (a game inside the show) to be a huge deal and it's used twice to really "why should i care?" results
If you are here for the Yaoi... well there isn't any so i guess stick to the game?

So yeah just kinda a crappy show in an otherwise great season. But not the worst show i've watched this season... no that gets saved for thursday... unless it pulls out something magical in it's final episodes.
this season really felt like it went by quickly, looking forward to fall 2014.

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