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Captain Earth

I honestly don't know where to start... i have no clue what to write... i was thinking of doing a voice recording but honestly i don't know what to say and my voice is pretty hoarse from this cold... so... guess i'll figure something out.

Let's get some things about me straight.

1. I don't like sci-fi.... especially when that Sci-fi goes into space and starts blowing shit up... i have extreme Astrophobia... so yeah it makes enjoying this one genre damn near impossible for me because i will have panic attacks.

2. I don't give a shit what anyone things.... i like what i like and i don't like what i don't like.... i don't care if it's popular or unpopular or done by a certain creators... half the time i don't even know why i like something. sometimes something just resonates, i never expect that it'll be the same for anyone else.

3. I have strange taste, i don't know how to describe it other then my likes and dislikes are wide and varied and make no sense...

Now, story time (i swear all this has a point)

On August 2nd 2014 i finished a little chibi fanart of Daichi Manatsu. 
Now for me fanart is actualyl very difficult.... but i had a blast drawing him. I uploaded him to all my normal sites and then i got to DevianArt. (DA)
DA has a feature called groups, you can gjoin a group of people with like minded interest and submit art to get a more focused viewing audience.
I Put him in a few groups for users of PaintToolSai (PTS) and a few more for Chibi art and even one for fanart in general.... btu then i thought. "may as well find a captain earth group"
There wasn't one.... which i found odd.
theres a group for damn near anything you can think of no matter how niche or obscure.
So i figured reverse search the club... find other fan arts and see if they submitted to a captai nearth club.
i found, on a site with THOUSANDS of artists.... 3 pieces of fanart.
out of curiosity i hopped over to tumblr....
i found 2 other pieces of fanart...
I was baffled.... i love this show... it's well animated... full of colour, great music..... it must have some kind of fanbase.... i mean.... it's a currently running show.... someone must have seen it....
everything has a fanbase... doesn't it?

So then, because i was curious, i did something i have never done before.
I looked at some reviews.
all of them
every single one panned this show
they HATED it.
and i just sat there wondering if i watched the same thing as everyone else.
then i shrugged and chalked it up to my strange taste.... and finished two more piece of fan art.

So that being said, Yeah i love the show... despite the fact that i hate sci-fi, despite the fact that shit blows up in space... i still love this show... i look forward to owning it. (thank you Sentai)
BUT i realize i am in the minority on this one so you may not like it as much as me... and thats fine, having different taste in things it what breeds conversation (as long as you never try to argue your opinion as fact)

SO quick synopsis and then we'll take it from there.

Captain earth follows Manatsu Daichu, a teen who's father died when he was young, through his boring final day of school before the summer vacation.
He is bored and has grown to hate the scenery surrounding him. One day he gets a bad feeling about something and through a series of even he ends up with a gun called a livelaster and the ability to pilot a mech that is needed to stop these space creatures known as Kiltgang from reaching earth.
He ends up joining forces with a mysterious girl he met as a child named Hana, the boy who introduced him to the girl named teppei and a self proclaimed magical girl hacker Akari.

Together they work to protect the earth from the invading Kiltgang while also trying to not be killed by a group known as Salty Dog who feel These four pose more of a risk then anything else.

Now side stepping for a second... the main complaint i saw in reviews was that the plot did not make sense.... this confused me cause it's litterally "boy in mech stops bad things from getting to earth... rinse repeat" so i think what they actually mean is that the plot has a lot of terms that are never explorered or explianed.
and they aren't wrong.
Anyone who shoots a livelaster gets called a Neoteny.
Whats a Neoteny you ask? no clue.... i guess using context it's someone who can shoot a livelaster.... thats all you get.
why is there a girl with blue hair playing a recorder? beats me.... personification of the livelaster i guess... they say it's an alien race controllign humans so it's entirely possible.
also whats a livelaster? a gun that appears when you want it to and shoot energy.... sometimes the enegery is stronger if you are more emotional....
or hell what is a kiltgang? well they are ego blocks.
whats an ego block? the thing the kiltgang use to jump through space even though their physical bodies are on earth already, it also makes them technically immortal.
I could go on.... yeah... theres a lot of stupid bullshit terms that don't get explained...... so?
No i'm serious.... why does that matter? so the terms aren't explained in great detail describing every little feature... you still know what they are talking about.

The other complaint i saw mainly was that it was boring and nothing happened. *shrugs* okay, if you say so... thats a very personal assessment...
is it a bit slow? i guess but i liked the pace it went at... but i already established that i like the show... i will go as far as to say it's one of my favs of this and last season.

But again, i am the minority... i understand this... i'm just saying go in with an open mind and you may enjoy it.... or you may be bored and think it's dumb.

I would also love a second season for it but considering no one cared for it and it obviously had a decent budget (the animation is lovely) the chances of more episodes are slim to none... and thats fine too.

So yeah... in my personal opinion

The good:
Animation - it's been a long time since i've seen a show with such vivid colours and wonderful animation, truly lovely to watch.
Characters - they all have personalities and goals and arcs.... everyone... including the antagonists.
Music -
Nuff Said.
Also i purposfully picked stuff with animation so you could see my point on how fluid everything is.
Lots of references to Midsummers nights dream and i just like when things refference real life things... it's fun. 

The not so good:
Yeah the plot is dumb
I don't care
it hits all the beats it needs to and personally i never felt bored.
Could more things have been explained? yes... did they need to? no. 

The bad:
I only got to watch the ending song once and that was a mistake... i didn't have a full blown panic attack but boy was i unhappy.
It has no fanbase, no one likes its and that means there's no one to fangirl over it with and that upsets me.... but hey... thats why i write this... i write this to vent and get out how much i love something when i know no one around me even remotely cares.

So yeah... despite my utter loathing of Sci-fi for fear of panic attacks... i love this show... and it's not my only sci-fi show this season... now i'm gunna go watch aldnoah Zero (which, spoilers, is also really good with amazing music and you should watch it)
also if you like this show let me know cause i would love to have someone to chat about how fun it is...
and if you hate it then thats fine too, as long as in the end you are happy.
In the end thats all that matters.... i'm just one person with a very strange opinion of things.

oh and just in the interest of full disclosure... yes... Hiroshi Kamiya plays Teppei.
and yeah Teppie is one of my fav characters....
that is all.

Oh and you can wtach it all over on Crunchyroll and make your own opinion... or wait till Sentai releases it and buy it i guess if you wanna take a huge gamble. 

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