Wednesday, 10 September 2014

So happy

This is probably the blogiest blog post i will ever do, i'm sorry.... but at the same time no i'm not.

Today has been a great day, yesterday was great too but today was simply amazing.

A friend of mine who lives out of town came to hang out since we tend to only see each other at con time.
This is the same friend who likes natsume Yuujinchou and we are constantly throwing what if scenarios dealing with the show at each other and it's really fun.

Yesterday i showed her the OVAs and Musical theater DVDs i got a while back and today, still being in the moon for natsume, we watched all the matoba episodes.... the moon splitting festival arc and the going home arc.

we watched other stuff (like the Toradora dub [which is amazing] and the new cardcaptor sakura dub [which is probably the front runner for the worst dub i have ever heard]) but then it hit me
I haven't checked Ami ami yet.

See a while back (i wanna say over a year ago but that may be an exaggeration) there were rumors that they were going to resculpt the Altair Natsume Yuujinchou figure that has Takashi sitting on a tree with a foot touching the water.
This was the best news ever because
a) that sculpture was lovely
b) i wasn't a fan of the show when the sculpture first released
c) that sculpture now a days goes from 200-500 dollars and i am cheap.

but there was no confirmation that it was actually a thing and worse no hints at a preorder date.

Then the grey sculpt came out.... and i had my mission
check the site every day so that when it came on i could order it immediately and not miss out again
but because i had a friend over i hadn't really touched my computer... so i open it up and refresh the page and gasp.
"Kat what is it?" she asked.
"pre-orders or up" (though i was probably a muttering mubly mess cause when i get that happy that fast i lose the ability to speak)
so i immediately order it, log out, pass it to her... she orders it
and the best part?
66ish bucks.
i am so happy
getting to fan girl over natsume all day in a way that annoys no one AND getting to order the one figure i have wanted more then anything?
couldn't be better
then i had to walk through a thunderstorm but still it was all good... too happy.

a warning for late november/early december... there will be pictures
and fan art
and rambles
and i may watch the shows again
and re-read all the manga...
but yeah... best day... so incredibly happy. 

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