Sunday, 21 September 2014


Wow everything is ending this weekend... and i mean... i don't think i have any continuing shows except Sailor moon.

Anyways back when i was small.... well smaller... i played two team sports for my school. Volleyball and Basketball (though i enjoyed Basketball more cause at least people weren't afraid of the ball, plus my speed was put to good use)... i also did some track and field but i don't count that since everyone in my school was forced to... it was manditory (i think i was just one of a few who liked it.)

Anyways I enjoy playing lots of sports... not the biggest fan of watching them.
A few years ago Kuroko no Basket came out and i loved it.... it went a bit downhill in season 2 and i'm worried i'll outright hate the show in the third season but the show overall taught me that i should give some sports anime a shot.
So when i saw haikyu!! was abotu volleyball i was excited. And the show is really good, no one is naming attacks (like... characters call a move the "god like quick" but the character doesn't actualyl say that as he's doing the move) the rules are all layed out and followed and no one is purely good... they all have flaws...
I mean i'm sure it's a matter of time till shit like "the zone" (aka what ruined Kuroko no basket) or naming moves comes into play but looking at this single season as a stand alone it's really good.

I assume Season 2 will come out sometime in the spring but who knows... i don't think it has a date yet.

There is one little thing that annoyed me.

There is a lot of reused animation... especially when someone tried to receive the ball and fails... you will see this one bit of animation done by different characters multiple times in a single episode... and it was really distracting for me.
Also the music can be kinda lame in spots and for a sports anime the music helping you get all excited for the scene is part of the fun.

But the characters are wonderful, Hiroshi Kamiya is in it as well so that was a nice bonus (also two shows in one season? jackpot!) I hope next season focuses on some of the other characters while still not forgetting who the main ones are (another failing of Kuroko no basket season 2)

However if you don't like sports anime or hate volleyball for some reaso ni doubt this show will change your mind.
The animation is good, the character designs almost alwasy look angry and some of the stretching can be over the top but i found it kinda endearing.

Boy i hope season 2 doesn't suck.

Anyways later today i have Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun
then i may or may not catch up/finish DRAMAtical Murder. (may hold off till tuesday since so many shows)
and then tomorrow Hanayamata and blue spring ride (so.... lots of crying i guess)
and then i finish this off with seeing if there was any point to Glasslip on thursday(i'm going to go with no...)

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