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Top ten male anime/game characters

So, i saw a news article over on cruchyroll "top ten sexiest Male characters"... and normally i do a thing where i say if i agree or disagree with the "otaku's" choices.

yeah i disagree with all of them....

So here's mine....
and i added game character cause screw you i do what i want... my ramble filled blog *grins* also i'm not worried about doubling up characters cause.... yeah i just don't care.


Honourable mentions:
Damn near every Megane (character that wears glasses) ever.
there are exceptions... but not many...

Matoba Seiji - Natsume yuujinchou
If he didn't scare the shit outta me he would probably be sexy.... but no... he's scary... and has major personal space issues.

Ryuuji Takasu - ToraDora!
He is just an all around nice as hell guy and he's just so adorable i just wanna hug him... however i'm not sure cute =sexy so yeah... here he is.

Sasame - Pretear
If i had to pick a guilty pleasure show this would be it.... it's Snow white and the seven dwarves.... though the "dwarves" are bishonen who combine with snowhite to become her outfits.
Anime can be weird....
anyways i love it... and my fav character design has to be Sasame
however because of [spoilers] he can't be on the main list....

lets throw another Megane here.
Yukio Okumura - Blue exorcist
If he didn't whine so much... he would easily be on the main list... but just too damn mopey without doing anything about it.

10. Hibiki Kuze- Devil Survivor 2
hey technically a game AND and anime... win win.
I love his character design.... i mean... look at him
i love his fluffy black hair... i love that he has access to Ma-level spells right off the bat (i mean watch the anime... i swear he uses Maziodyne or mabufudyne like... immediately)
and i love his hoody... his adorable bunny hoody.... i want one.... but too lazy to sew and i've seen how much other charge.
oh and the fact that he's voice by Hiroshi kamiya does not hurt at all... not a bit.
but personality wise.... meh? thats kinda the problem with main characters in SMT games... they are by nature blank slates so you can give them personality... but they just didn't give him enough character in the show.

9. Yatogami - Noragami
hey.... another Hiroshi Kamiya character... how did he get here again...
ok so i like his voice....
but look at Yato's design.
hm... well... okay thats not getting his sexyness across...
thats better... anyways i like how he's a loveable and pitiable god, but he does have a dark and dangerous side.
however... so low down the list cause getting involved with someone like that would just be too dangerous *nods*

8. Rin Okimura
again, his design is lovely... and he tries so hard and is hated so much for something he cannot control... but yeah it's his work ethic i find wonderful... he never gives up even when he really should... and yeah... another one of my figure pictures.

7. Gies - Ys Series.
While Ys 6 may be my least fav of the series.... i am so happy it introduced this character

he has a greta flushed out backstory that gets even more interesting when Ys 7 is introduced. (his hair also gets lighter and fluffier but i couldn't find a good pic.
 I would love if an Ys series focused on him but i understand why they don't... i hope he's in Ys 8 (though i have heard 8 will take place between 5 and 6 so it's unlikely IF that is the case)

6.  Lias - Atelier Meruru
he is not the only Atelier character on here...
and i'm not sorry
not a bit
Atelier has some of the best designed male characters in gaming
Plus Lias tries so hard to be recognized by his older brother... i don't normally like the 'tsundere' type that anime likes to add to everything with him it works.
but he's not the sexiest Atelier character so he's not higher on the list.

5. Sterk - Atelier games (arland trilogy)
Specifically his Totori look meruru the hair is a bit stupid and i haven't played rorona........ yet.
I love that everyone is afraid of him and i'm just like... how do i get him in my party.
he has such a complex about his scary face too it's just adorable... but at heart he is a knight (despite the fact that he doesn't really have a kingdom to serve)
but yeah lovely character design.

4. Natsume takashi
yes... another Hiroshi Kamiya voice.... i know... i'm weak
i love natsume but I think my love of the show may have bumped takashi's spot a bit...
well... that and the bathtub scene from the show.... good times.

but i mean... look at him

I love everything about him, his design (which differs between the anime and manga and i like both.)
his personality, his snarkyness... the fact that he tries so hard.... just a wonderful character. But yeah despite being my fav show he is not the sexiest character i can think of.

3. Logix Fixario - Atelier Escha and Logi
I thought the red character would be more of a trend in my list but nope they are nice and spread out. I am so happy that you get to pick between Escha and Logy... cause as cute as the female characters are in that series i really do enjoy having a party of pretty boys... and the fact that he is dressed in red makes it that much better.
Plus he can be so clueless and that's always fun. but yeah.... anyone who knows me knows what my next 2 will be.

2. Kyon - Haruhi Suzumiya
 Maybe if her was wearing the glasses he'd be number 1?
Sad truth, my wallpaper for my crappy not at all smart phone is a picture of Kyon with Glasses on... makes me so happy.
But yeah, Kyon and Natsume are the two character i have the most figures of. Again it's a mix of harcater design and personality... he is just so snarky and plus i like the fan theory that he is actually the god of his show not Haruhi... fun times....
kinda sad it's over

1. Adol Christian - Ys Series
and no one was surprised in the least.
like.... not even a little
Sad truth: All pages of my vita wallpaper are different pictures of Adol from Ys 4.... cause i'm super pathetic like that.
I love his design
i want a figure of his Celceta outfit...
i'm probably going to mkae my own soon cause male characters never get figures even if they are the mains from their series.
his design in 7 is also really nice........ but yeah... 4 wins... that white hoody/red bolero compbo and the pointed shirt... so nice.
plus red....
there is only one way he could be better...
 if he just had some nice glasses... that would be perfect.
but he doens't... and i can live with that.

So yeah this list ended up being more... top 10 male character.... i dunno... either way... Adol and Kyon would be near the top
cause i'm easily the most transparent person ever....
also if i ever upgrade my phone... adol would win that wallpaper battle... though natsume may get a screen or two cause he's just o pretty.

ok... i'm rambling....
this of course is all just for fun and i never expect anyone to agree with me cause my taste is strange...
ok.... off to dive into despair and finish off Danganronpa 2.

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  1. Where is my husbando...
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    Inaho-aldnoah zero
    I love yati tooo
    And last
    Sensei -barakamon