Saturday, 20 September 2014

Aldnoah Zero

Well... that is a thing.... that happened.
um... unlike Captain earth where i didn't know where to start here i honestly don't think i can say anything.
well other then go watch it.

It's like if Attack on titan met a mech anime... it's got such a grand scale... and yeah... it's really good.
the music is great too, especially the intro song that is done by the same group that did the ending song to madoka magica.

but yeah... i can't say anything... you have to experience it.

also there is a season 2 coming in January.... looking forward to that.

so yeah.... i'm gunna go process what i just saw... and maybe get some rest cause i think i'm running a fever... oops.

oh... and i probably wont be byuing this series any time soon cause the aniplex tax is too high... but Aniplex is bringing it over so thats good.

but yeah...

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