Saturday, 30 August 2014

"The Broken Eye" by Brent Weeks

1) If you like fantasy and havn't read any of the lightbringer series so far go out and do it now
The Black Prism is book 1
The Blinding Knife is book 2
The Broken Eye is book 3
and in a few years The Blood Mirror will be book 4.

And then after you've gotten all those books go get the night angel trilogy.
unless you have a bit of a weak stomach.... but seriously it's really good so yeah... go read... go read now.

2) I may swear. I try to stop myself but i won't be surprised if a few slip through.

3) no spoilers.... which in turn means i can't really sum up much of the plot. I'll do my best.

Okay, now that all that is out of the way.

The light bringer series follows Kip, a Fat lazy child with dark skin and blue eyes that make him feel like he just never really belonged.
stuff happens.... and he finds himself in the custody of his estranged father (who just so happens to be the most powerful person in the world as he can use every type of magic while most can only use 1-3) and is on the way to the largest town to learn how to use magic and fight.
More stuff happens and Kip ends up being part of something larger then he could ever imagine.... even if it's not what anyone was expecting.

A huge oversimplification of the series? hell yes.
so i'll have to go into other details as to continue not spoiling anything.

The book is written in 3rd person from certain characters perspective, this mean the story jumps around from character to character but we only see or feel what the character who the focus is mostly on. this is both amazing cause you can see the same event from different points of view... and awful cause just when stuff gets good they jump to a character you probably give no shits about at that moment.

So while Kip is the main character, other characters like Gavin, Karris, Teia and even a few antagonist get almost an equal amount of chapters. The world feels really flushed out thanks to this.

Um the only other thing i think i can say without being a spolier is that it has been quite a bit of time from the events of book 1 and Kip has changed quite a bit while it still feels he has lots of room left to grow.

OH... and the magic system in this book is based off light and colour which i just think is the coolest idea for a magic system, also so many colour puns and references... just makes my artist heart jump for joy.

Also it really does feel like you have to worry for every character... while they are not all on death row like some other books they also don't come out of bad situations unharmed or unchanged.

This book made me cry twice, Chapter 24 (which is not as far in as it sounds) for the way it illustrates what that kind of event can do to a persons thought process
and Chapter 97 because fuck that.
a) that is just so evil, is it as bad as don't trust the wolf? maybe... but i'm just so mad, i almost threw the book (and it's nearly 800 so... that a bad idea).
b) how long till the next book is out? i'm terrible at waiting that that.... UGH.... NOT FAIR *pouts*

I highly recommend this book (unless you hate fantasy that has a slight jovial side... i swear this book will make you laugh as much as it makes you surprised or angry or enchanted... also if you hate swearing maybe you wont like this, there is a lot of swearing)
Also read the acknowledgments (do that for every book, i know they seem boring but they may surprise you)

Seriously though i am bummed i have to wait... that is not fun.

Okay side story...
I actually got this book a few days early and i planned to have the 'ramble' ready for release day but this was the busiest week i've had in a long time... and you can't multitask and read... still i would assume it took me 10ish hours to finish? no more then 15 but i didn't read it in one chunk so i can't tell.

But yeah, go read night angel, read all the light bringer series... more people need to read these wonderful books.
I think the price for the hardcover of this one is $30... i got it for 15 (cause the store had it on sale for half off during the preorder, not complaining but yeah... was weird.) and i think Amazon still has it at a lower price.
ok... i think i've calmed down enough to get some rest... that last chapter.... brutal... just evil if you ask me.
you even hinted at it you rotten bastard.

but yeah... great book... sorry i couldn't explain more. but give it a shot and you'll probably enjoy it.

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