Thursday, 7 August 2014

Figure Photoshoot: Petit Chara Natsume Yuujinchou

It has been far too long since i have taken pictures of my new pictures.... no reason why.
well... one reason why...
Conbravo.... i have pictures of me on the camera... i HATE looking at pictures of myself and will avoid it like the plague.
It's silly..... really silly...
but hey now i have seen the pictures, know my hair is a frizzy mess and i can ignore them for the rest of time~ yay

Now onto good pictures.
So you may not know this about me... but i like Natsume's Book of Friends. Like A lot.... too much.
So when i saw the Petit Chara Four seasons set of 6 (5+secret) after i stopped squeeing i bought it right away.
one problem.... Blind box... Technically this should mean that you are not guaranteed a full set when you buy... and i really wanted all 6.
So i bought 2, i have a good friend who also happens to like the series and i figured i could sell her any doubles i get and if the one box happened to be a full set i would just sell her the sealed second box.
So... i open the one box and yeah... full set, so i guess despite being blind box it still means full set? guess i'll find out when my friend opens it.
but look how cute these are.

This is Winter, i love the little snowman Nyanko

Summer, i Wish Nyanko didn't cover all of natsume's yukata but still so cute.

One of my favorite poses for one of my fav seasons Autumn/Fall, also the little dragonfly is just an adorable little touch

Spring is also one of my favs, even though he's small the details on his kimono jacket thingy are so pretty.... also Nyanko with Booze makes me smile.

Now for my fav of the set... and it's not a season

It's Nyantsume~ Believe it or not this figure, like all the others has Both Nyanko and Natsume in it... makes me so happy.

So thats the core 5.... now when i heard there was a secret one i wondered what it would be.
I guessed that it would Probably Houzukigami Natsume or Yokai Natsume... of the two i thought the latter was more likely because it's a simpler costume and followes the trend of box Nyanko and Natsume looking unique.
So... i'll be honest when i did open the secret i was a little sad.... i love it, but it's just a colour variant but still it is really lovely.
The secret version is... Spring!

I also love that Nyanko is more drunk in this version.
lets see the two side by side

and now for all 6 lined up!

I love these figures, i hope the second box i got is also a full set cause i think it would make my friend happy.

This brings my total of nastume figures up to 13
11 of them are of natsume... i may have a problem.
plus i'm still waiting for the re-release of that one really nice figure....
I was going to put this in the same post as my new Kuroko no basuke figure and sayaka but... this has been image heavy enough.

Like my new set up? we have a deck now so i was taking full advantage of having a super nice table on it. Also i love natural light but if you perfer the old setup... well just let me know.

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