Saturday, 2 August 2014

Not again...

I think i've mentioned it before by my taste very rarely lines up with with popular... I don't know why... i like what i like is the best explanation.

Every once in a while i feel like i'm watching something that IS popular and well received and well known.... only to have the world inform me that No one has heard of it or that those who have hate it.
This happens way too often and it bums me out every single time.

Before todays incident it was Samurai Flamenco which i thought was a wonderful satire of the Sentai formula nad yeah it got stupid near the end but had me smiling the entire time.
And no one liked it... I found maybe 4 other people (one of them being my friend) who enjoyed it... and i dunno it made me sad cause it was very funny and a nice commentary on the genre.. .and yeah... no one likes...

Still i thought today was different.
I drew this
This is Manatsu Daichi, he is one of the 4 main characters in Captain earth.
I thought Captain earth was going to be stupid but after watching it i was won over by the lovely music, the lovely and vibrant art and the story which yeah has some unexplained stuff but they are giving it piece by piece... which is better then "here is all this world specific info, enjoy!"

It has really high production value, the animation is really nice and the character designs are adorable.
Surely this must be well liked!
Not only is it not well liked... it's pretty much universally hated (which is new for me... the stuff i like tends to at least have a niche audience)
I found this out because I try to submit my art on DA to Fandom specific clubs.... and i couldn't find one.... this is a site with a ton of people... surely one made a group.
so i look for fan art
i find 2 pieces.... on the entire site.
so i look on tumblr.
i see one piece of fanart.... oh no it's happening again.
I check it's rating on MAL... 6.75
I check it's rating on crunchy, average 3 stars
Anime News network?
mostly scoring in the yellow zone.

Now i'm not saying something perceived as average is 'bad'
but you have to remember.... the internet never rates shit on 1-10
it's almost alwasy 5-10.... and even if that isn't the case the reviews i have seen for just whats out are completely scathing.
I don't get it.... am i just biased cause of Teppies voice? (spoilers it's hiroshi kamiya)
am i just so happy i've found a sci-fi show that doesn't give me anxiety attacks i'm missing a shitty show?
or is this just a case of "my taste is strange...."
i think it's that last one
I like what i like... half the time i don't even know why.
I'm sad i can't find ANYONE to fangirl over the moments of the show that make me smile but i can see it has problems... it's not for everyone...
apparently it's not for anyone
oh well... Sentai licensed it so i'll be buying it... unless the last few episodes really screw it up.

actualyl side note
Gargantia was well liked... and it hasn't been licensed... but this show was..... WTF
not getting Kuroko no Basuke any time soon either... *pouty face*

oh well, i'll go enjoy my captain earth *nods*
Ever had something like this happen to you? you figure something is well liked but it's just..... not... at all? let me know~

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