Monday, 4 August 2014

Kids on the Slope

In my Original ramble about this show i said this.
this show will probably never get to be licensed thanks to it's amazing music. No company would want to willingly license it wen they know they have to license all the other songs since i don't think any were public domain
well..... i was apparently wrong... and i couldn't be happier.

Also, i watched this immediately after watching Honey & Clover 2... so when i heard the kickass intro song again this time i was hit with a sense of the familiar unlike i had when i first watched the show.
Seriously thought watch the intro here and then watch the rest cause it's good
Well the answer is pretty simple same group did this and the Honey and clover songs and it was pretty nice making that connection.

Anyways i was completely wrong about it not being Licensed, Sentai picked it up AND they even gave it a dub.
The main characters are great and like a wave of nostalgia for me because it's pretty much all the ADV actors i knew and loved....
The supporting characters on the other hand made me watch the show in Japanese cause i wanted to enjoy my DVD... The teacher quite literally said "oh you are Kay-oh-rue?" Instead of Kah-oh-rue and i flipped the language setting.... I will watch it in english once i get through all the stuff i bought recently but yeah it's really strange having such fantastic voice acting next to some characters sounding so off.
Also, and this is not the dubs fault this is a language barrier thing, the main character is called a variation of a term used for wealthy/ proper boys. I can't find the exact spelling but it sounds like Bon. The closest english translation is "Richie" and i guess it makes sense when Sen says it but pretty much everyone in the show calls him this by the end.... and like i said i couldn't sit through the english but if they kept that aspect it may sound strange.
conversely when they have only heard him called Richie they wouldn't know his name is Kaoru. I guess i'll find out later but yeah

The other thing i wanted to mention was that a lot of this show is Rotoscoped (pretty much any time they are playing an instrument) and i'll be honest i'm not a fan of rotoscoping normally but here it's just so damn pretty, it has a livelyness that anime seems to lack while still having a cohesive style that Rotoscoping tends to ruin. It's probably the best use of the tool i have ever seen and it came out all the way back in 2012. Flowers of evil was an interesting idea but if i had to pick between that kind of rotoscoping and this i would pick this so fast.

Anyways what i'm trying to say is you should watch this show, it's about two people with nothing in common except their love of Jazz. I hadn't rewatched it since it first aired but i love it as much now as i did then and i am so happy to own it.

You can give it a try over on Crunchyroll where all 12 episodes are free.

You can also pick up Sentai's release of it, it's all 12 episodes in one set and goes for a fairly reasonable price. It's a bit lacking in bonus features but it does have a dub (which i know i've made sound like a bad thing but it's actually a really good thing and i was so happy about hearing voices like Luci Christian and Chris Patton) and yeah... I just loved this show and i hope more people watch it cause it really is a Gem.

now i'll probably watch Letter Bee (which sadly does not have a dub...) until Cardcaptors sakura arrives (which does have a new dub) and then i'll stare at the trails in the sky anime i can't watch till they release Secodn chapter... and then maybe i'll watch this in english and update if any of my opinions change.

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