Saturday, 23 August 2014

Noragami Manga vol 1

I was not expecting to cry first thing in the morning today.
So quick story.

I really like Brent Weeks Novels, i have been waiting for "The Broken Eye" for at least two years (or is it three... either way... long wait)
However i'm not the biggest fan of the pre-order process especially for books cause the place i shop from used to charge a 5 buck pre-order fee for every book.
However one day the pre-order for the book was 50% off.
so.... 15 bucks for a 30 buck hardcover...... SOLD
however 15 dollars puts me under the free shipping line.... i hate paying for shipping (especially for a store that has multiple locations all extremely close) so i check the amount and it's 20 dollars.
I knew the Noragami manga comes out early september... it would mean waiting to get my book a week late BUT i would be getting two things i desperately want....
So i order it and put it out of my mind knowing that sometime early september i'll get my order.
Yesterday morning i get a shipping notification.

This surprised me because i almost always get my orders from this place within a day (if not same day) once the shipping notification is sent.

But it didn't make sense.... yeah the book was close to release but Noragami was still over a week and a half away.
however later that day i got a package.
(it's actually september 2nd not 5th but to lazy to fix it, besides my writing is terrible anyways and writing on a tablet can be awkward)
So i was super happy i got my stuff pretty early.... but there was a catch.
Normally when i get a book i have been waiting for i lock myself in a room and just read.... only stopping for food and sleep if i must.
The broken eye isn't a small book, it'll easily take a day to read, the other books in the series took me around 8-10 hours and i'm pretty sure this one is bigger.
Right now i've been working on commissions.... so i can't really afford to take a day off to read my book.... so i told myself.... no book till this commission is done, then you can put commissions on hold and read.
I went to get to work and.... immediately get called away from my computer for the rest of the night.... *sighs*
Still... i wanted to read..... and i figured... i didn't put any restrictions on reading the manga....
So i read about half last night and the rest this morning....

I'm not going to talk about plot but i will say if you like shows where the line between fantasy and reality are blurred... you go out right now and you buy this book... it is so good.
if you unsure if it's your thing go over to funimation and watch the 12-13 (can't remember... too lazy to check) episode anime, it's pretty kickass and deserves lots of love.

So i read it and think this is really good, i love how it's a bit slower then the anime allowing for time to explain... and i get to the last page and theres an in memory of column.
I look over to my shelf and notice Alive, a series i had heard had been done by the same people who did noragami but that wasn't completely accurate. There were two names on Alive, only one on Noragami.
Reading the afterword broke my heart, most of the time those are funny or previews or talkign abotu the crazy stuff that happened.
This just described how lonely it was to lose the people you looked up to, the fear and confusion when you get thrown into something, the sadness of losing a teacher and a friend.
It was just very honest and touching and yeah.... made me cry...

after that were the translation notes.... the glorious translation notes.
most of the time they are tiny paragraphs that tell you the bare bones of what you need to know.
not norgami, there are PAGES of in depth translation notes that talk about the double meaning of words, where they had to change things to make sense to an english audience, why they didn't translate certains things exactly like the anime (regalia vs shinki) and yeah... it was amazing... if all kodansha comics are that in deth i may endeavor to get a few new series (because 4 bookshelves of manga is not enough i say!)

but yeah... go order Noragami, it comes out september 2, it is still ongoing and considering how long Alive was it's probably going to be huge (this only had 3 chapters and there are about 40 out at the moment.)
ok... time to finish the commissions and then lock myself away to read.

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