Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

You know... sometimes i do some stupid stuff.... mostly caused by not thinking through the entire situation....
Today my brother goes up to my father and repeats the word "movie"
He does this when he wants up to do something and he has the patience to know we will eventually cave. 
However he very rarely tells us what movie so we go through the list and he latches onto Guardians of the galaxy
great, heard nothing but good things... we all pile into the car and then it hits me... there is an extremely high probability that there will be shit i can't deal with in a film that had galaxy in the title... and i'll be trapped in a movie theater..... WONDERFUL.

Still there was a chance that none of the things would trigger me so i didn't hop out of the car and bus home... i sat down and took deep breaths when needed.

The movie was really good, wasn't happy with all the establishing shots but they were short and the humor made it easier to bear. The things that would easily be the worst parts of other things were the best, the music fit, the acting was good, it was extremely funny without ever feeling like it was trying to hard to fit a joke in there.

It is a little silly but most comic book movies are (at least the good ones) and it's still an interesting experiment as far as lets try and tie all these movies together in a way that doesn't exclude people but rewards those who watch it all.

However i do not plan on watching again any time soon... that was enough space to fill my quota for a while and if captain earth goes back into space it may be too much for me (though probably not cause i really do love that show)

Also, just to make sure you understand where my opinion comes form.
I'm not terribly into comics, do not like space, have not seen all the other marvel movies (but i have seen most), only sat through 4 episodes of agents of shield and i still really really liked this movie... it's just fun... which is more then i can say for other movies as of late.

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