Friday, 15 August 2014

Strobe Edge

I'm running a bit of a fever so i may ramble or misspell things... but who are we kidding i do that anyways.

This season there is a show called Ao haru ride (blue spring ride) and it's simulcating on crunchyroll... and it's really really good.
it's easily my fav show along with captain earth this season.
I look forward to mondays because thats when it's on... and the last episode (6) had me both yelling and crying at the screen.
I really do have a sweet spot for shoujo.... and i wanted more of the story.... and i'm possibly the most impatient person i know so i looked up to see if the manga is licensed.
It is..... in french and German.... but not english.
I could get it in french and be fine though i have lost a lot of my french skills since i have no one to speak it with.
but dammit i want it in english, translating is exhausting and i just wanna be overcome with feels.
so i looked at what other series the artist had done.
I had heard many great things about strobe edge but i never got around to reading it...
luckily it was only 10 volumes long and in stock at the book store i prefer to order from.
So i did the only sane thing.... ordered it all on the spot and hoped i would like it (i did actually preview on chapter but i was practically ordering it while reading)
Yesterday while i was tetrising up my bookshelf i posted a picture of my miniscule game 'collection'

I did find a few more of my games so it's a little more full now but yeah... thats it....
what i didn't show (and i don't have a pic of cause it's still pretty unorganized) is the fact that i have 3 bookshelves dedicated to manga... and most of the series i read ar on the shorter side (only a handful go over 10 volumes)
so yeah thats why i have barely any space for things like dvds and games... and yet my brai nstil lsaw nothing wrong with buying a 10 vol series... oh well.

I really enjoyed it, the art is lovely (though some characters look very similar in certain scenes, had their been colour it would have been fine but in a black and while medium it can get confusing)
The pacing is perfect, the guys don't feel like "omg i'm gunna win you over at any cost despite your feelings" it just feels like a nice little slice of life sometimes shit doesn't work out the way we hope or expect. but at the same time just cause life can be random doesn't mean happy endings are out of the question.

one bad thing i could say is that because there are so many characters and because no one is really 'bad' sometimes you want a character to pull through but it just doesn't happen.... and thats a bummer (but understandable)

The english Manga is published by Viz' shoujo beat series of manga and if you like shoujo titles then this is a really good one to pick up.
it was never made into a show but considering how well Ao haru Ride is doing who knows? (though it is a little older so it's unlikely)
but now that i've had my fill of Io Sakisaka i need to go back for waiting for monday to arrive... (even if it's only for another 6 weeks... 12 episode shows are the worst... . so short)
but right now i should get back to bed and do what sick people are supposed to do....
however i'm not good at resting so i'll probably just play disgaea 4 more... yes that sounds like a plan.

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