Thursday, 19 March 2015

Your Lie in April

I HATE crying in front of people. however my good friend (the one i watch natsume with so she's seen me cry lots..... lots... too much.... such a crybaby) was over so yeah.... oh god the tears

This show is amazing
Why did aniplex have to license it?
this is going to be so expensive to buy.... but i have to own it

SO the story is about Kousei Arima, he is a young pianist who suffers from PTSD and generalized anxiety
it's never said in the show.... but that's what he's got
anyways he meats this girl who helps him come back to being able to play piano

and it's one of the saddest shows i have sat through
so yeah... go watch it on crunchyroll.
right now

and yeah.... i'm gunna go cry more. 

Part 2 i Go a little more personal about why i like this show so much so yeah... no need to read

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