Friday, 27 March 2015

Death Parade

This season... wow... just a giant roller coaster of emotion.

I am grateful this didn't end last week.... considering it was have been the next show after Your lie in april which i am still a little choked up over.

Ok... plot...
Actually... no.... that wouldn't work... how about this.
Two people enter a bar with no memories, after being greeted by the bartender they are told they must stake their life on a game if they wish to leave the bar. The game is chosen at random.

Other then that I can't tell you the plot, all i can say watch the first 2 episodes, do not stop after episode 1, if it's not interesting by episode 2 then drop it... but give it the chance.

I'll be honest i figured i wouldn't enjoy this show... Madhouse has a very specific style/type of show they make and more often then not it just doesn't appeal to me. However after watchign the first episode i was surprised that i found the concept intriguing... and then episode 2 solidified it for me and i was hooked.

Part of me even wants a bit more, i would love another season of this just cause the concept is so well done.
on the other hand it probably wouldn't be the same. it ended at the spot it needed to end.
Yes some things don't have the amount of closure i would like but sometimes that is just how things are. It was still satisfying and i'm glad i watched it.

Even it if made me cry a whole bunch
not that it's difficult.

Okay so tomorrow we have Aldnoah Zero ending (thats gunna be fun)
The first 'cour' of the second season of Durarara finishes and i'm not sure if it's just rolling into the next cour or if there will be a break... if it's just rolling into it i'll probably hold off on writing a thing.
and then on Sunday i figure if i'm gunna stick with the BS that Kuroko no basket is trying to pull... i'll be honest... i am not having a good time with it.

Anyways, give Death Parade a chance, it's available on Funimation in North America   but i'm not sure about the rest of the world... sorry.

The good:
Animation, i may not be in love with Madhouse's style but wow this show is pretty.
Intro song... it's so happy and catchy and even though it doesn't fit with the show it actually fits kinda perfectly.
Story... i know i didn't say much but the story is well paced and just so interesting and yeah a little heartbreaking but..... yeah.

The not so good:
Not everything gets closure, i figure this is moreso leaving it open for another season but who knows.

And thats all i've got

Other shows from this season:
Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie
Your Lie in April - another stellar (but very sad) show 
Yona of the Dawn
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!  Silly title but great show.
Parasyte - the maxim -  Great show with a terrible ending

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