Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kuroko's Basketbll Season 3 -rant-

I'm not dropping the show just yet but i have some things to get off my chest.

Long story short: i'm not thrilled with the direction the show has been taking as of late.

Long story Long:

I don't like sports anime... for almost the exact same reason i don't like Mech anime or anything with any kind of tournament.

Reason 1
Predictable as hell
You know that up until a certain point victory is guaranteed. there are no stakes because if the good guys lose there is no more show.

Reason 2
Attacks/Moves get names... and i'm sorry but if you have enough time to shout out the name of your move then you have enough time to just do the move without callign it something stupid.

Reason 3
It almost always becomes a race to who has the better god mode.
people keep getting abilities or attacks that are just a little stronger till all the characters are pretty much just gods that cannot be touched.

I adored season 1 of this show.
It was quick, there were lots of matches, nothing lasted more then 2 episodes and none of the attacks were named.
Season 2 worried me...
They name some of kuroko's moves and kagami got God mode "the zone"... i would consider this is the moment the show jumped the shark.
not only were things being named but abilities now had tangible durations.
worst of all the show tried to distance the two characters that were most interesting together... Kagimi and Kuroko... apart they were just one really good and fairly cocky player and one that could pass decently.

Season 3 was hard.
or currently is hard... since it's still going.
12 episodes in and kuroko has only played in 6 of them... titular character be damned i guess.
We learn all of the abilities.... one of which is just so mind blowingly stupid it's hard to describe the noise i made when it was shown.
we hear more about the "generation of miracles" but also "the uncrowned kings" but if that wasn't bad enough "the miracle that never was"
and Kise gets the most bullshit god mode ability i have ever seen with damn near no repercussions
Akashi's one eye is much lighter now then in the past but Kise didn't seem changed at all.
also the 6 episodes kuroko actually plays.... yeah thats one match.
one stupid match of bullshit "well i'm going to do this" "no he can't possibly!" "well i'll show you!" for 6 episodes..... 6

I don't know what was worse.... endless eight or that match (ok.... thats not fair... endless eight was one of the biggest middle fingers in anime i have ever seen)

but it's over now... but then i realized.... the next match wont be the one i'm waiting for... ti wont be the one that was keeping me going through this ungodly stupid bullshit show...
no it's going to be the match for 3rd.... and i don't care... not even a little... i may just wait a few weeks.... start back when the match i wanna see actually starts
cause i can't take the stupid anymore
i really liked this show
it was cute and funny and none of the stupid sport anime tropes were present and it feels like it's just trying to find more sharks to jump.

well i guess we'll see how it all goes... i am just so disappointed.

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