Saturday, 28 March 2015

Durarara!! X2

Part 1 i guess...
wow July cannot get here soon enough (partially because my fav con and partially cause part 2 starts... also i'll be closer to the end of this show i'm working on so... yay)

Um... so.... uh...
I don't know what to say.
It's not quite as non-linear as season 1... but it sure made me yell out and scream and cover my eyes more then season one...
especially that last episode... just wow.

my only complaint
more Orihaya Izaya please...
i want to know more about him
what he is
why he does shit
why he [spoilers]

actually thats not true... my other complaint is Izaya's little sisters.
They are just the most annoying waste of characters i have ever seen... they serve no purpose to the plot or overall story and nothing would really change if they weren't there.

Other then that this show is as good as the first season... go watch it all
and that ending song... not sure if i like it more then complicated (2nd intro of first season) or trust me (first ending of first season) but it's just so good.

ok i should try to give a synopsis...
ok.... uh
.... it's a silly place.

that's all i've got...
Go watch season 1 on crunchyroll then watch the start of season 2... *nods*

one little unrelated side note.
I have always felt that if Hiroshi Kamiya had an english voice actor analogue it would be Johnny Yong Bosch... it's hard to describe because they speak different languages but they both have a similar range of sounding sweet and sincere and yet they can also get very loud or very rage filled.
Izaya, who is played by hiroshi in japanese is played by johnny in english.
and it's perfect... just proves my feeling that if Natsume yuujinchou did get a dub i would want johnny to play Natsume... i honestly can't think of anyone else who could.
then again if NISA did put our NY in english i'd cry cause.... i'd have to buy it again.... and our dollar is kinda terrible at the moment.

okay no more tangents
ok tomorrow i decide if i put up with Kuroko for any longer...
monday is the final episode of the girliest show i'm watching.... and then i'm done for the season and starting completely fresh for spring 2015...

Other shows from this season:
Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie
Your Lie in April - another stellar (but very sad) show 
Yona of the Dawn
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!  Silly title but great show.
Parasyte - the maxim -  Great show with a terrible ending
Death Parade

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