Saturday, 28 March 2015

ALDNOAH.ZERO (season 2)

For a while i figure dthis show would end either with a hail of bullets... or annihilation.
I rather enjoyed that ending.

So lets just add this to my extremely short list of Sci-fi shows that didn't give me a panic attack.
like... it's a really short list...
Gankutsuou (it takes place in space so i'm counting it)
Captain earth (which is borderline cause even though i'm the only person who likes that show it did nearly make me panic)
Gargantia.... which barely takes place in space but it still counts.

so yeah... ti's got that going for it.

Compared to season one... it may not be as good... certain characters do certain things that make no sense... certain characters also rely a bit too much on god mode.
However i still enjoyed it.

The music is amazing (same composer as Blue exorcist and Attack on titan... the OST not the intros and endings)
The animation is pretty good, everyone looks like they are puckering their lips in profile but thats a minor stylistic gripe.
The story is good... though far more predictable then season 1.
Overall i enjoyed it...
Is it Gen Urobuchi's best creation?
no.... for me Gargantia far surpasses this (and Puella magi madoka magica for that matter)
still it's really good and you should go watch it over on Crunchyroll or Daisuki

however this is not the only one of these i'll be writing today... the first cour of Durarara!! ends today and they seem to be taking a break over spring.
so you'll get to hear my thoughts on that in about 30 mins (give or take how long it takes me to gush about Orihaya Izaya)

Other shows from this season:
Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie
Your Lie in April - another stellar (but very sad) show 
Yona of the Dawn
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!  Silly title but great show.
Parasyte - the maxim -  Great show with a terrible ending
Death Parade

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