Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

It may have the most rediculous/stupid title... but this show is one of the best oh it's genre.
It is the best 'Magical girl/boy' show this season... because Sailor moon is turning out to be more then a little dull and rushed.
If i had to rate this among my all time fav Magical girl/boy it would probably be right near the top with Princess Tutu (seriously why do these shows have so rediculous names?!) and Cardcaptor Sakura.

I'll be honest when i first heard about this show i was worried it would be another Free.
Extremely pretty but mostly just fanservice with little to no plot or purpose. (i dunno maybe free 2 is better? i couldn't stomach any more then the one season)
Then i heard a commercial for it and my reaction was.
"Is that... Hiroshi kamiya i hear?... Is he playing the magically transforming villain?! I hope this show is good cause i want to see that"
So i waited for the first episode and after watching it I was hooked. I almost never find comedy anime funny (cause i'm not japanese and i don't get all the references) but i was nearly doubled over laughing.
It was everything i wanted it to be and more.
and every week it got better.
The bad guys had motivation.
The good guys all had uniqueness to their character.
The comedy (largely pun based) never fell flat for me
and that final episode? Perfection... just this lovely mash of comedy and tropes and having a message.

ok.... plot time.
Theres an all boys school (which I think has a name that pretty much translates to 'pretty boy high school') and in this school there is a club called "earth defense club"
they don't really do anything.
one day a Pink Wombat shows up and claims that the 5 members need to transform into "Battle lovers"
They refuse cause it's pretty stupid... howver the wombat slaps bracelets one them and forces them to change, changing their destiny at the same time.
And it's wonderful.

There is also the student council magical boy team and some shady reporters and a teacher that may or may not be dead.

I just loved it. i'm so sad it's over....... or is it?

I'm just saying they seem to still have what they need to have another season...
could be done... pretty easily...
more hiroshi kamiya please.

Anyways you can watch it on crunchyroll or funimation (though i think Funi is a week or two behind)
Funimation will probably be putting out blurays soon.... i hope they do a special edition.
or like have the ring or bracelet
i want it
i really loved this show.

also cause i have been forgetting.

The good:
Animation is great
comedy is great
broken engrish is great.
hint at possibility for season 2 is REALLY great.
more shows like this please.

The bad:
only 12 episodes.
not enough hiroshi.
would have been nice if the others got super duper special attacks more often
but seriously 12 episodes is not enough.

I will probably draw a lot of fanart for this when my arm stops hurting (pinched nerves suck... especially in your dominant hand)
for now all i can say is go watch it.

Other shows from this season:
Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie
Your Lie in April - another stellar (but very sad) show 
Yona of the Dawn 

ok i gotta run and get some sleep... still not too used to waking up at 5 AM
Parasyte ends tomorrow i believe... then nothing till saturday (i think)

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