Friday, 20 March 2015

Part 2: Your Lire in April

I knew I would need to add onto my last ramble about this show. There were things i wanted to think about how to type without having my good friend over my shoulder since i'm positive i'm going to write a lot... erase it and post just the bare bones.

Last night I mentioned that i felt Arima has PTSD and a little generalized anxiety.
I feel this way because even though it's never mentioned in the show what he goes through over the course of 22 episodes is damn near exactly have i have felt.
Seeing how it feels to have an anxiety attack or a PTSD episode animated in front of me was both extremly beautiful and extremely difficult. I saw myself as Arima because even though our triggers and symptoms were different the cause of it all and the age range of it beginning was pretty similar.
I know those feelings oh so well, and seeing someone... even someone who isn't real... push through it filled me with a little bit of hope that maybe one day i wont be paralyzed by fear by what 99% of people consider stupid shit.

This show was so hard to watch, and yet i loved every minute of it.
This show made me cry so many times and yet i loved it.
This show managed to trigger me once... and yet i love it.

Despite all the sad shit going on there is the bit of hope and happiness and growth.
If a show can put me through the emotional rollercoaster of facing my own mental health issues then it must be truly special.

Watch this show, it's one of the best shows in this stellar season.

I think i have a few things ending saturday... i'm not sure if death parades last episode is today or not... either way lots of posting that i'll have to finish in between work and trying to break a fever.

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