Friday, 2 May 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

stupid movie making me tear up in front of my family... there is nothing that i hate more then crying in front of others...

anyways the main thing i wanna mention is that i enjoyed the way the film was told.... but i found the story of how the book was pulled from real life events far more interesting then the making of the film adaptation. I find the idea of "writing what you know" to be a fascinating one especially when it's applied to a more fantastical setting.

Also listening to her read through the script.... it made my entire family cringe cause we all have read many scripts and some of us have even written a few.

The acting is wonderful but i mean when you have that many talented people it's impossible to go wrong.

my only issue is the portrayal of the writer of the book.... i'm sure in real life she was probably worse but wow... they do not make her very likeable. they try, they try really hard but she really does just come across as mean half the time.  so it makes the ending feel a bit... unresolved? it's hard to explain.

actually i do have one other issue but it's not with the film
The trailer gives away everything
the best lines
the major plot points

Please, if you ever make a trailer, don't give a point by point version of the plot... you want to have people be intrigued by what they see, you want them to want to know more.
if you tell them everything in a 2-5 minute trailer then they will just wait to see it cheaper cause 12-25 bucks to go to a movie theater (hell where i live they try to claim that 30+ per ticket just to have VIP seating and booze is worth it) is just too expensive.

Did i like the movie? Yep, not planning to watch it again but i enjoyed it.
If you like Mary Poppins or Disney in general then you'll probably find the story interesting (even if it's most likely romanticized) and you may even get a few laughs.

so yeah see it if you get the chance. 

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