Friday, 16 May 2014

childhood shows

So when i was a kid I didn't know that anime was different from a north american cartoon... all i knew was i liked certain cartoons and hated others.

First it was dragon ball... which was ok but a bit too much fighting for my young taste.

then it was sailor moon (which when i saw commercials i didn't like cause the eyes were strange but then i saw an ep at a friends house and just started loving the show)

Then there was Cardcaptors... as it was known here... and other things things being out of order and seeming to miss a few cards episodes i really loved.

then i moved and finally started buying my own manga and anime. (i still watched a few shows on tv, Pokemon, Digimon, Inuyasha but i very quickly moved completely over to buying things)

Now that i'm older i'm not a big fan of dragon ball and it's sequels... just too much fighting and "if i yell super loud i will get stronger" for my taste but it is a good show.

But Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura still have a special place in my heart.
and more importantly my wallet.

So when ADV (omg i miss them...) announced they were doing uncut boxsets of Sailor moon i was all over that.... i shelled out the fairly expensive price (it was an odd time where anime was stupid expensive) and ended up with uncut Sailor moon and Sailor moon R

they never put out the rest but that was okay... i could deal.
eventually Geneon (i don't miss them as much) put out a really nice boxset for Cardcaptor sakura uncut and shaped like a book.... i immediately threw money and the comic store i was buying form and got them both for a really decent price.

those 4 boxsets  now a days tend to cost anywhere from 300-500... so i was super happy i got them when i did cause i really wanted them.

years went on... i woudl rewatch each set every so often when suddenly and out of nowhere NISA announces they got CCS
and they were going to put it on blue ray uncut and with a dub.
so i looked at my sub only set... and i looked at NISA's set and swore loudly as i bought the new set.
"well at least nothing else from my childhood will be making me re-buy it... right?"

SO Viz annouces not only did they get the new sailor moon
they also got old sailor moon
all the way to stars
with a new dub
well.... at least Viz has resonable prices.... i mean if aniplex got it i woudl have sobbed and sobbed.

it's sad... part of me hoped NISA would annouce it cause i really do love their boxsets.... but still i'm really happy about this...

even though it means i'm going to be re-buying yet another show i enjoyed when i was smaller.

but yeah.... my poor wallet.... come on wrist get well enough for me to do commissions again (though it's more likely i'll go work on another show for a bit soon... so hopefully that works out cause it's a bit more steady then commission work) 

so yeah........... i am so happy about all this news.... but at the same time cursing loudly..... now i just need that alter natsume figure to come out and i'll be set for the year. (actually the only thing that could me me swear more and louder would be NISA announcing that they are re-releasing natsume with a dub.... that would do in me/make me the happiest person ever... unlikely but who knows... i thought re-releasing CCS and SM would never happen... and boy was i wrong there.)

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