Friday, 16 May 2014

Princess Jellyfish

a friend of mine recommended that i watch this a while back but i just got around to it now.

It's so cute.

i love these types of shows, a nice balance of cute and sweet with some extremely valid points.

The story is about Tsukimi, a girl who just recently moved to the big city to become an illustrator but thanks to Anxiety and a more "otaku" mindset makes it hard for her to feel like she fits in.

Now when i say Otaku i do not mean Anime fan since that is not what that word means.
Otaku is more of a derogatory term for anyone who is obsessed with one thing to the point where it takes over their life. In tsukimi's case this is Jelly fish but in the other characters cases its anywhere from three kingdoms fandom to modes of transportation to traditional dolls and even old men.  Otaku tend to be frowned upon due to the obsessive nature that many of them have.

however there is another side of the coin and it's a large focus.

Even in my experience there is an odd phenomena where because the "unpopular" or "nerdy" kids never really fit in they tend to then shun, make fun of or outright be mean to the popular kids (behind their backs of course)
i have had friends who call complete strangers sluts or whores simply because they were wearing makeup or a cute outfit... they didn't know what they were like and most of the time when you talk to people you find out were not much different after all... Hell i had someone call me a slut in Highschool once cause i went to school in a skirt and the majority of my friends were boys... ignoring the fact that i was just your typical shy nerdy girl.

and you know what? it really suck... so to see a show that has a main theme of "can't we all just get along whether we dress up or wear sweats all day? we probably aren't that different in the end. Someone who wears sweats all day may just not have the confidence to dress in the cloths they like... someone who is stylish may not have the confidence to tell others of some more nerdy hobbies they have. we are not that different" was pretty nice.

it's not perfect, it does have a bit too much emphasis on "sometimes you just have to dress up and oh wow doesn't it make you feel better?" and sometimes no... sometimes dressing up fancy against your will can make you more self conscious which is not fun. but in the end it's harmless and it never outright says you have to be pretty to be respected...

so yeah i really really thought this show was good, i want more... it could easily have a second season considering all the threads it left... but considering it's only 11 episodes to begin with i doubt it's going to get anymore.

The good:
Story is lovely, well paced and very sweet.
Animation is really well done, i especially love how they gave every member of the communal living inn a distinct way of moving through a scene
music is not going to be to everyones taste but i loved it. especially the intro song... it's just so cute and happy.

the not so good:
there is one character who is a driver... he is not in the show nearly long enough. he easily has some of the funniest moments but he just does not have enough screen time.
lots of plot threads are left open, in a slice of life this can work but it would have been nice to get some answers... maybe in the manga?

the bad:
some people may be offended by some of the portrays of what nerdy people act like but it didn't bother me cause i've seen people who are almost as extreme as these characters and it doesn't really talk down to them.
the length is a bit of a bummer... only 11 episodes? i want more...

but yeah really sweet show if you like slice of life with a bit of focus on comedy.

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