Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Figure Photoshoot: Sailor Moon Mugs

i'll be honest, when i hear people talk about nostalgia i honestly do not understand what they mean. The way i hear people describe the feeling reminds me more of the stuff i like now as opposed to the stuff i enjoyed as a child.

so time to head over to dictionary.com and get a definition.
*reads it and tilts head* okay so, when i first moved across the country i felt this... but then i went back a year later and was quickly reminded that even in that short time I had changed... my friends had changed... we were no longer the same people... and that sense of homesickness or nostalgia vanished.
for the most part at least... I still refer to myself as being from there despite having lived on both sides of the country for almost equal amount of time... i think it's the view... i do miss the view quite a bit... but would i go back? no... i see that being very unlikely. still maybe that is a form of nostalgia?

I think Nostalgia (in the sense of yearning for the past) doesn't make sense to me cause most people like looking back on their childhood as a happier simpler time. I don't.

But i'm not completely unaffected by nostalgia goggles... i just react to it differently then those i know (or at least differently then i see it described by people).

The way i react to nostalgia is i'm a sucker for merchandise... you show me some cute sailor moon or cardcaptor sakura stuff and if the price is right i will eat it right up.

I know most people will defend the stuff they are nostalgic for by saying "it's a product of the time" or "you had to be there" which is fine but i also believe you have to be able to look at thing with older eyes and be willing to see the potential for flaws... you can criticize something and still enjoy it.
As an example watching sailor moon now yeah... some of the morals are a bit wrapped in 90s mentality, the animation for some of the episodes are just terrible and as the seasons go on the monsters get more and more sexualized and the majority of the monsters of the week are women or very effeminate men. Does that make the show bad? no... it just shows me i have changed a lot from when i was 7... but it does remind me that even though i loved sailor moon as i kid it wasn't perfect and that is okay.

I have a feeling i got way off topic here
here are the cute sailor moon mugs

*squeals* they are just so adorable! now that could be my version of nostalgia.... or my love of Cats... but i just think these mugs are so cute.

I was so happy when i happened to get them and for a really decent price.
however... when you look at promo stuff for them you do realize scale...
heres a pic of them next to a normal (8oz) mug
yeah.... they are a little small.
but still so cute!
i'll probably never use them (again cause they are tiny)

So yeah i guess what the long ramble was about was "i don't get nostalgia... unless nostalgia is what makes you buy cute things... then i totally get it... but i don't think that's what it's about.. .cause thats not what people talk about when they mention it so now i'm all confused and trying to figure out what it means but here are some cute mugs Yay"

Also that used to be a colour changing mug in the center... but one day my autistic brother was trying to be helpful and he did the dishes by putting things in the dishwasher... the colour changing aspect of the mug melted off and yeah... now it's just an 8-bit heart.
but thats okay i still like it and i'm always happy when my brother takes initiative and tries to be helpful.

anyways sorry to ramble... yay cute mugs~


  1. Heh, ' just wanted to let you know that I completely agree with you on this! I have to say, my own thoughts on the matter are a bit different - I'm more inclined to think "I liked this and I think it's almost perfect because I was just a kid when I saw/played it" :P - but your point is extremely valid and reading about someone who can actually look back on the past and criticize it makes me happy :D

    1. ah true i guess that is one way to look at nostalgia... i just find half the time i watch something or play something now it's like "oh.... oh no... this did not age well" or "this is not as good as i remember" but still it's all in good fun in the end... whatever makes people happy.
      but yeah i just believe nothing is perfect and if you can criticize it then you can learn from it. just saying everything is perfect leads to stagnation.