Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dameon From start to finish Video

I'm going to call this an experiment, i don't know if i'll ever do it again and if i do i have no idea where i'll find music i'm allowed to post since my friend's (JPEX5) songs don't go on much longer then 6 mins and cramming over an hour into that amount of time makes things very quick.

So... for a while now i've wanted to post something on my youtube channel.
one major problem.
I'm the biggest chicken when it comes to committing to something like that...
apparently it's super easy to write shit down after watching a show and just walk away... whole different thing to actually make a video with editing and all that lovely stuff.

I figured... why not start small... i may not be comfortable appearing infront of a camera or letting you guys hear my voice yet but showing sped up versions of my process work... that shouldn't be too tricky.

First i tried live stream but the quality of the video it saves is... well it was less then stellar.
Then i did research on different programs for a week and settled on one that was a reasonable price and seemed to do what i needed it to.

now because this was an experiment i didn't want to try to do it with a piece that i knew was going to take 3 hours so i picked a bust i did a while back, i figured it would be between 1-2 hours, most likely around 1:30.

I brought it into Sai, launched the program and got to work.

Lineart: Around 30 mins
Flat colour: around 5 mins
Rendering: about 1 hour

I love when i know how long things will take.  And that wasn't me working fast, if anything i was taking my time.

Then i brought it into premier.... and remembered Premier is a piece of garbage and lamented about Final cut and how much i missed it (granted i haven't used it since i was 11 but still.... and yes i edited shit as an 11 year old... i wanted to make a movie when i was a kid so my parents let me borrow the camera after i wrote a script... then my dad taught me how to edit... i was a strange child, the movie was terrible though)

Since i didn't wanna spend any more money on this experiment just yet i brought it into Windows movie maker which pretty much worked perfectly i just need a bit more customization then it allows... but for this it was fine.

Anyways.... i've blabbed on enought... trying to put this off cause my nerves are getting the best of me once again.

For the record... this was way harder to submit then i thought it would be... but still... here you are.

(also sorry it moves around so fast... i only wanted to use the one song cause i'm silly that way)
so... yeah.... i'm gunna go curl up in a ball and pretend i never did this.
Hope you enjoy

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