Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Figure Photoshoot: Nendroid Makoto Naegi

i am getting too many of these adorable little guys.

I along with this i also got Nendo Flonne and Nendo hibiki kuze so... i'll get off my lazy butt and take pics of them........ eventually.

The problem is i like taking pictures... but i don't consider myself a photographer... so i get in moods where i'm all "need to take all the pictures" but then i get in other moods where not only do i not wanna take pics but i also don't even wanna look at my camera or edit the stuff i have taken pictures of.

i dunno i'm just in one of those moods where i do not want to do a damn thing.
"i should read that book..... nah"
"i should ink that pic i did a week ago...... or not..."
"i should draw something new if i wont work on the old...... screw that"
"watch anime? not now...."
"be a lazy person and just lay around? no i have too much shit to do"

so yeah... even though i'm in a lazy mood i'm trying to do something productive... i'm failing miserably but whatever it's all good.

okay backstory:
I recently finished Danganronpa, so i was looking for what merch was out and i saw a nendo for makoto.
it had been out for a while but somehow it still wasn't sold out... so i hesitated a little and eventually bought it cause it's just so cute.

ok well... his default face isn't really that cute.... in fact his default face kinda sucks...
This actualyl brings up a really important point about figures in general.
when you don't get any shine in the eye... the faces do not look good... i know in the bulk of the artwork for this game do not have any shines in the eyes but it works in a 2d medium ok... in a 3d medium they look dead eyed which is a little same... the bland expression doesn't help
luckily his other faces are really expressive.

it's better in these since we have emotion and the way the eyes are positioned help tell you where he is looking.
i just love the detail in his hoody, i'd love to make his hoodie... but i'm not the best at sewing so unlikely.
anyways this figure has two best parts.

he gets a little trail booth thingy... and it looks like if you get more they can interconnect... i'd love to just get 15 more and have all my nendo's have a trail (i think i have enough... i may be a bit short)
but the other best part is his little sign.
awww he's so cute, i kinda mix the "you're wrong" thing with the "objection" post but who cares it's all fun.... now for my fav pic.
i would love to have a kirigiri nendo too... and byakuya....
otherwise i just look forward to DR2 which is coming out surprisingly soon and hopefulyl i wont be spoiled for that like i was for this.

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