Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Figure Photoshoot: Returning a name

so, we have established i like Natsume's book of friends a little too much
ok good..
so not too long ago (at least from writing this, it'll post two weeks later so... yeah) i saw a really nice figure of a pose i haven't seen Takashi do... well kinda.
there is another figure of him about to return a name but this is him actually giving it back with all the wind effects and whatnot.
and to make it that much more pretty his Kimono is red... which is my favorite colour if you couldn't tell

BTW Nintendo friend code: 2750-1325-2848
Vita friend thingy: Raichana (cause i'm super creative like that *sarcastic*)

But yeah i saw the preview and i knew i wanted this figure and then when i saw it for a decent price i scooped it right up.
and it was so worth it.... even with the terrible CAD to Yen conversion.

i just love the movement, the post, the pop of colour... this figure makes me watch to sculpt something. it's just so pretty (at least in my opinion but again we have established i like this show a little too much... making these post has made me wanna rewatch even though i just rewatched a month ago)

some detail shots~ I especially love the gold detailing on the Kimono, just makes me happy.

i did try taking a picture from the other angle but it just didn't look as nice as these ones.
but this next shot is my fav of the batch.
okay now i need to stop grinning like a fool.
next will either be mugs or a nendo... not sure yet. i do hope you enjoy these pictures (even though it really does show i enjoy this too much... oh well)

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