Thursday, 19 December 2013

taking stock

so today it finally hit me that we are almost at the end of the season for anime... 'winter 2014' should start in a few weeks...
then i remembered i'm watching an obscene amount of shows this season... and that they are all between thursday-monday with thursday and saturday both having 3 shows updating.

so... considering i watch (or try to) the episodes as soon as they come out i was a little worried i'd be bombarding you with my little completing rambles.

then Samurai Flamenco mentioned it was getting season2 stuff ready.... so if it rolls right into the next season i wont mention anything... so... i wondered how many are actualyl ending.

Nagi No Asakura - 26 episodes and most likely rolling right into the next season.
Samurai Flamenco - 22 epsiodes and rolling into the next season.
Goldent time: 24 epsiodes and rolling into the next season.

so..... winter 2014 i'll be bombarding you with stuff (if i continue with the shows of course) on thursday cause i'm sure i'll be watching new shows as well. but i don't think it'll overlap so thats nice...we'll see

Strike the blood - 24 episodes and rolling into next season... though i kinda assume that with the pacing and i don't know if i'll continue...

Little Buesters ~Refrain~ - YES... finally something that ends this season... ok one thing to talk about... i'm good with that.
White Album 2 - also ending this season at 13 episodes.... ok two things to talk about but on the same day... may space it out a bit.
Kuroko's basketball 2 - 26 epsidoes, makes sense and htta means it will also roll into the winter season.

Gingitsune - 12 episodes so that actually ends in a few days... ok... .3 things to talk about... on a roll

Yowamushi Pedal (aka yowapeda) - 38 epsidoes... so it actually rolls over two seasons... good i really like this show.

so yeah out of 9 shows i get to review 3 in the next few weeks...
5 next season not including nay new shows i pick up and 1 in spring, again not including new shows and new rollovers.

and here i thought i'd have a lot to talk about this season...
though i do wonder how i'll keep up with that when i go back to working 12 hours days.... i'll figure it out.

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