Monday, 9 December 2013

Completed: Puella Magi Madoka Magica 3 ~rebellion~

so it started....
then stuff happened.... kinda....
then more but different stuff happened... kinda...
then it felt like it would end.... but didn't
then it ended.... but not really....
and then it ended for realsies and the audience almost in unison all said a single word very loudly.


This film is unreviewable....  i can't say a single solitary thing without spoiling something.

all i can say it was not what i expected... and i'm pretty sure i don't understand much of it.

The good:
the visuals, as far as [classified] are concerned is really really neat and well animated.... the [classified] at the start looking like a [classified] is so cool to see in an otherwise anime setting.
the music is a mix of normal songs from the show and remixes of character themes.
when [classified] goes [classified] it really enjoyed the visual style they went with.

the not so good:
the pacing is weird.... cause it first starts off like [classified] and then your wondering [classified] and then it changes into more what we expected going in only to [classified] and then there are a lot of potential endings but then [classified] does something and you're left slack jawed. does that mean [classified]? was that really the only way to [classified]
[classified] was named [classified] instead of [classified] and it had me confused the entire time cause [classified] is her name isn't it?

The bad:
In the end it felt like it was trying a little too hard to be deep.... there is a 10 minute 'cutscene' of them [classified], a 5 minute scene about [classified] that somehow gets rid of the [classified]... neither add anything to the plot or development... it's just "look at us with our higher animating budget... pretty nifty eh?" and it is... it's is a lovely spectacle but not much substance.

I think i understand the end. [classified] did that so that [classified] would happen... but in the end it feels more like a lesson on why not to be [classified] cause it ends badly when you get that [classified] about anything.

it is a 'good' movie.... i kinda wanna go to the dec 15th screening as well just to see if a second viewing helps to clear things up.... i honestly don't think it will... which is why i wont go see it but yeah... if i had to compare it to the show... i like the show a bit better cause even with all the crazy shit that happened it all made sense and was cohesive. this feels like 4 parts strung together by a very thin thread...

and honestly i was expecting this to be a film about [classified] and we never see a single one which makes me think they wrote themselves into a corner
because i had been spoiled about [classified] i expected it to be more about [classified] and less about pure [classified]ness

so yeah good film... do not go in expecting to understand everything.... just go for the ride and think about it after it's done... but don't think too hard cause you will probably give yourself a headache...
maybe i need to go see the other two movies... i was told they were alternate retelligns and i wasn't missing much but i felt like i was missing something... especially about [classified]

but seriously [classified] how could you not look at your situation and automatically think [classified] when you say multiple times that it's impossible for [classified].. maybe it's possible cause of [classified]... i mean really!

ugh... ok... go see it if you like the show and have the chance....


  1. Hahahaha, I agree you can't really talk about it without spoilering something :-P Anyway, I really liked the series but this movie was a big letdown, especially because I didn't understand almost anything, despite being used to complicated movies, and even Googling for some answer wasn't very useful. Then again, maybe I shouldn't have watched it while I was eating :-P

    1. I think it was purposefully convoluted to make people go "what does it mean" without having any real meaning... unlike the series which did go into some interesting ideas.
      I would agree that the movie is a bit of a letdown but i'm not upset for having seen it... i just think it should have had more of a point... especially the end.

    2. Well, I can't say I'm upset, but yeah, it could definitely have been better :P I just can't stand two scenes in particular

      *** MILD SPOILER AHEAD ***

      I'm talking about the first time the girls transform into Magical Girls. Shaft was smoking some weird stuff when they thought about that. The other one which left me pretty baffled was the cake scene, when all the girls were singing something about the cake (which definitely was not a lie). It wasn't as ridicolous as the first, but still...


      Really, it's not that two scenes can ruin an entire movie, but it's not so great in the first place, so those really can't help as it seems to me they're really senseless XD

    3. ***SPOILERS***

      Yeah... when the transformations happened i was like "they couldn't have needed much padding cause this film is nearly 2 hours long..." and then the cake thing... yeah i have no idea what they were on but it must have been pretty potent. that being said i did like the animation in both scenes... it was fairly interesting and different but also a little distracting.

      ***END SPOILERS***

      because i hadn't seen the first two movies i wondered if i had missed something that made second scene you described make sense but i'm getting the sense that i'm not missing anything... it was just a little crazy.

    4. I've watched only the first movie, but as far as I know both that and the second one are (well-made) recaps, so there shouldn't be anything new as long as you've watched the series. Nevertheless, I think I'll watch the second movie first time I'll have the chance, if anything else it should be nice with some pop-corn / chips / pizza :P