Thursday, 12 December 2013

People are Awesome... busses not so much

just a random story from my day~

So today a friend from college called me up and we made plans for lunch. I haven't been able to see her much cause this particular year of her program has a lot of work and i've been tyring not to bug her... but it being the end of the semester but before she headed home it was the best time to meet up.

Now even though i have the beginnings of a license I can't drive so i hopped on the bus and headed to the restaurant.
while i was waiting for the bus a gentleman first said "is this the bus that goes to the school?"
"yes, it should arrive in a few minutes"
then something unexpected happened.
"Nice [insert name of a movie thats based off a video game] jacket"
"Thank you, a family member worked on the film so i ended up getting the crew gift."
"ah the film.... those are--"
"terrible, i know but still most people assume it's for the game so it's all good right?"
then something way more unexpected happened.
he started talking to me about the series, which was his favorite... all this crazy stuff he's done  and how much he loves it.
he didn't assume that i was some fake nerd girl.
he didn't tell me i can't possibly be a nerd.
he just accepted the fact that with my Kitty winter hat and my jacket that i must be a fan of some nerdy things.
and even when i said "i haven't played that game" he never said well thats cause your not a real gamer or thats cause you are a chick...
he simply said "everyone has their own personal preferences" 
then we started talking about anime of the season and it didn't come down to "if you don't like this show then you can't like anime" it was like "wow our tastes are pretty different and that is okay"

i'm starting to think i may have stepped into the twilight zone.
now if your wondering whats the big deal... well that has never happened to me before... i've been at cons and people have wondered why my boyfriend would drag me there... and when i say i'm there alone they tell me i'm lying. so to be in a situation where other then my hat i wasn't outwardly 'nerdy' and to have someone just strike up a convo and without questioning or sneering just accept that i like what i like.... that really made me smile. 

then i found of the bus route i was on would happily drop people off on this one road but refused to pick them up... so after i met up with my friend and had lunch we waited to head back... the bus sailed past and we got to walk until we got to a bus stop that would pick us up lol.

i'm sorry but considering that the stop we were at was marked, there were no signs saying that busses wouldn't stop and it's really cold maybe you should pick up passengers... oh well.. ultimately it was a really good day and i may even have a job in a week or two... yay money


  1. Huh, and here I thought the situation was different elsewhere; really, it's a sad thing reading that the nerd stereotype is still alive in people's minds in other countries too :-/ Still, fortunately there are also nice persons :D

    1. The Stereotype is alive and kicking here but i've found most people are becoming more kind and accepting as time goes on, most conventions i got to now are split evenly between male and female and almost no one bats an eye.
      So yeah i was just so happy to be accepted without being questioned. I hope stuff like that happens more often... in fact i'll be a little surprised if it doesn't...