Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

I know a lot of people are really happy to see this year end, i'm fairly indifferent.
On the surface not much happened to me this year but i learned a lot about myself so i always consider that a win.

I am sad that no falcom calendar for the new year... they had a Legend of heroes/trails based one but i like Ys more so... only a big Natsume's book of friends calendar... which is currently hanging up behind my current Natsume's book of friends calendar so that it can uncurl a little.

The one this that has kinda sucked about this past year is i have gotten really sick... i swear all through november i would go through this rotation of having a cold, being find for a day, new cold... all month long.
now in december i have this 2-3 week long monster cold that has run through my family and i'm just so done with being sick. I can't draw much when i'm sick.... and when i can't draw i'm miserable.

But otherwise it's been fairly productive... i accomplished thing i never thought possible, things i thought were too scary but i just needed that extra little push.

Though if i'm going to do resolutions for new years... the number one thing has to be getting help with my anxiety, it didn't used to be this bad and it didn't used to get in the way of daily life... now that everyone is bugging me to drive that has changed... i wasn't worried about it much before but i am getting tired of being afraid of every little thing.

Number two is Travel... North America is nice and all but i really do wanna see more of the world... even if it means i have to fly there.

Number three is less dealing with one sided convos.
yeah... i'm really sick of dealing with people who are essentially just talking to hear the sound of their voice, they don't care or want your input or opinion and constantly try to find ways to put you down when you try to give them input or opinions anyways.
yeah... screw that, not dealing with it anymore.

Number four is more talking to people.
I always worry that i'm being a nuisance or bothering someone when i talk to them... especially on things like twitter, i need to be confident that i can say things and that i'm not annoying. and i need to stop being afraid of talking once the group gets bigger then 3... so yeah... more confidence *nods*

Number five is more art, now i actually did a lot this year.
92 finished pictures in 2013 compainred to the 42 in 2012.... but still.. this past month i'm only finished one piece and thats not good enough for me...
yes it's cause i'm sick but still.. no excuse! more art!

and other then that... just more time spent with friends and family...
I hope everyone has a happy new year, i hope 2014 is great for everyone and i have a few year end top tens lined up for the next few days.


  1. I'd say those are all excellent resolutions; I hope you will be able to respect them (I usually don't manage to, so I don't even think about them anymore <.< ). I also hope you'll get well soon, I know what you mean and yes, being sick for weeks really sucks :/

    Anyway, I wish you a happy new year, for as far as it is possible :D

    1. i normally don't do resolutions cause the concept of starting anew simply cause the year is different seems silly. but i figured if i tried ones that were more focused on trying to better myself maybe it wouldn't be a horrible thing to try.
      hopefully the sick season will be over soon, people are saying January will be rough but hopefully they are wrong.

      I hope you have a happy new year as well! hopefully it's a good one for everyone.

  2. Thank you! :D Yeah, I agree that while it may seem silly, taking advantage of an occasion to improve yourself is always a good thing :)