Friday, 20 December 2013

Mid Point: Golden time

I don't tend to do halfway through reviews but.... ugh i need to get some stuff off my chest.

I will be spoiling some things that have happened in the show but i'll try to not spoil any plot twists.

So.... Big spoiler out of the way but it's not really a spoiler if you have seen the intro song.

Kago Koko and Tada Banri are going out.

So... let me tell you why this isn't cute.
at all
it's actually really creepy.

This a woman who has already written out the script to her life... she just needs to act it out.
At first it was by making up fantasies about her and her childhood friend but when he makes it quite clear he doesn't like her stalking batshit crazy tendencies (i mean she figured out what school he's going to and enrolls in the same program not cause it's what she wants but because it means they will be together)
but then when the other boy shows sings of liking him she starts to shift.
but then when he asks her out she turns him down and then asks him out the next day since in the story she's playing out she had to be the one to ask him out...
um... i have nothing against girls asking boys out... i do have an issue with one person trying to control every aspect of another person.
he wants to get a job so he can have money to buy things/trips for her.... nope he can't cause that would mean she can't spend more time with him.
He can't be around another woman cause being around another female when the girlfriend is not around is essentially cheating.... ignorin the fact that he was friends with them before she ever came into the picture and for most of them there is no romantic feelings involved.
so when he collapses and is taken care of first by his neighbor and then a friend both he and the neighbor know she gets psychotic and i think even slaps her... how dare she take care of him even though she called her immediately.

then there was todays episode.
well yesterday... i wasn't feeling well enough to watch stuff... anyways... episode 12
he disobeys kaga koko, gets a job as a cross dressing waiter at an event, lies to her saying he was busy with school work and they could hang out another time and that he probably couldn't answer her calls or texts... and then proceeds to earn a little money.
she responds to this by texting him 63 times in the span of a few hours
she calls hime a few times and goes around to any place he may including his house and wonders why he isn't there.

this is crazy.
the kid is allowed to live his own life... thats part of growing up and yeah... she claims she was worried about him but this sounds more like stalking then it does being in love.
then when she finds him he's with the one character part of him has feelings for and she loses her shit.
yes what they were doing was inappropriate but i'm sorry... he is essentially being stalked and had she just said "i think a job would be fun, can i work too" that situation would have never happened.
but no.... she has to take control of every part of his life.

and i really hope he ends up with the other girl cause he actually seems to like her... they have chemestry and it's not just "i'm sorry i'm so crazy, i'll try to be less crazy but i still may have bouts of crazy"
i'm sorry but someone as mentally unstable as her needs help and she's not going to get it if everyone enables her to continue being this crazy. you cannot control someone elses life like this.
you cannot tell a person what they are allowed to do
or where thye are allowed to work
or who they are allowed to see
or to stop remembering the past cause that interferes with the present.
these things are not okay... and the fact that the show is playing it up as cute and endearing makes my skin crawl. She is only interested in writing her perfect life... most of the time it doesn't even seem like she cares about him and this is more about getting the first guys attention. if she actualyl cared for him... i may not mind if she was slightly obsessive but it's just too contorlling.
so why am i still watching?
i dunno... it's by the person who did toradora and that was utterly sincere and adorable and i wanna know how they went from that to this?

am i just over reacting? is my biased aversion to controlling personalities showing? or am i right in thinking that this relationship is more then a little toxic?

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