Thursday, 26 December 2013

Completed: Gingitsune: Meesanger of the Fox Gods

Aka Silver Fox

So in my first impressions i mentioned that i hoped it would be good.
it's not bad... it's just kinda... there.

i've mentioned it before but sometimes i feel like they make shows about something that isn't a cool or interesting in hopes of making it more interesting.
thats what this feels like, it feels like it is more focused on teaching people how to properly do things at a shrine then instead of having a plot.

i mean it's cute and has some sweet moments but there's not much in the way of character arcs or plot or reason, i haven't given a synopsis cause i can't say much more then "girls daily life in a shrine where she can see the spirit who lives there"

i don't mind slice of life, but there still needs to be a point to it.

maybe theres another season of this in the works where something happens? maybe theres a manga that continues on and get really interesting but going off My Anime List this is all that's there is (anime wise) for now and based off that i have to say take a pass.

Unless you like slow shows where practically nothing happens... then you may really like it... i don't.

Granted, i'm not feeling well so i could just be grumpy cause of that but it really just felt like "here are some cute moments and now it's over... so come visit the shrine if you want we'll be waiting! and now you know how to do everything properly cause we taught you! wasn't that kind and considerate of us?"

so yeah... um.

The good
well acted, the character designs are all diverse enough that i know who everyone is... the animation is decent as well.

Not so good:
Character motivations make little to no sense in some situations, not character growth or development and we never learn what happened to Kintaro who was Gintaro's partner until they suddenly vanished.

The bad:
Nothing happens, nothing is resolved, no plot thread is tied off and no one seems to care.
also not a fan of the music... they have these saxophone sounding bits and it just doesn't fit the mood at all and makes it sound like it was made in the late 80s

But yeah, the show isn't terrible. it's just not as good or interesting as i was hoping and that makes me a little sad.

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