Monday, 23 December 2013

My Christmas Movie List

Above everything else the thing i look forward to the most about christmas is getting together as a family and watching some festive movies.

But as i've gotten older i have found the films that I deem as holiday differ from everyone i know.

I mean.. .don't get me wrong, miracle on 34th street is super cute and charming and a christmas story has a lot of nostalgia for a lot of people... not for me...
i like the more.... non-tradtional films.

well not completely... have to have some classics in there.

So here is a list (in no real order) of films i enjoy over the holiday season.

First the obvious ones.

It's a Wonderful life and A Christmas Carol.
while i think both are pretty corny i don't mind watching them at this time of year.
but ONLY this time of year... no other time.

About a boy.
lots of christmas in the film and the way the parallel stories are told is very sweet.... also the characters dad wrote a christmas song.

The Holiday
Another parallel story film with an amazing score, also everyone is adorable and i just want to hug them all

Love actually
Lots of stories in this one showing how inter connected the world can be and that love atually is everywhere

Okay for some less 'traditional' films...

Trading Places.
well... it has a very drunk santa scene so... thats christmassy right?

Die Hard
yes, i consider it a christmas movie cause it takes place at a christmas party.
oh there blood, gore, violence and swearing? oh... okay... that doesn't change that it's a christmas film... besides it's a lot of over the top goofyness and it's just a lot of fun.

Lethal weapon
Again, like it or not it IS a christmas film... though not one of my favs.. .we do tend to have it on around the day though.

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.
it takes place just before Christmas and the titular character is planning a celebration amoung other things so yes... i call it a Christmas movie despite it having absolutely nothing to do with the holiday... I will just use any excuse i can to watch that wonderful 3 hour movie. 

Jesus Christ Superstar
okay.... not a christmas movie.... totally and easter movie... but you know what? it has really good music so i don't care...

The entire season of kanon 2006
cause... it takes place over winter... so thats good enough

the one film i watch every year without fail

The Ref
Imagine the most dysfunctional family ever, over christmas and they essentially get hijacked in there home by a robber on the loose
and it is HILARIOUS
i'd call it a dark comedy and some scenes may offend (apparently this one line aimed at the grandmother gets a reaction.... i never though it was that bad but yeah...) but it is such a well done film and i love the arc everyone goes through.
and again.... really funny

so thats my list of holiday films~ it's a little odd but so am i... so it works out.


  1. Y' know, I actually never had any movies to watch for this precise time of the year, but I guess it would be a nice thing to save up some shows for the occasion :D Though in these days I'm watching Amagami SS, which always takes place during Christmas, so I suppose that's ok :P
    I think I'm gonna watch one of the movies of your list, I just hope I'll have the time to do it, so thanks! And Merry Xmas to you! :D

    1. Merry Christmas to you as well and i hope you have a wonderful holiday! I have been curious about amagami SS but never have taken the time to watch it... i may have to give it a shot

  2. Thank you! :D I have watched 5 story arcs out of 6, and while it's not wonderful it's not too bad either. Though there are a couple of scenes which left me kinda... puzzled <.<