Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

I'll start by saying when I first came across the manga i was pretty excited... but i quickly learned i don't ship YukixKyon and thats kind of the focus.

After seeing all the anime... i still don't ship it... 

 It's frustrating... there are aspects of this show i desperately want to like... but i just reminds me so much of the haruhi suzumiya series and the fact that we will probably never get season 3
i can hold out hope for a long time but... 6 years since the last season and 5 years from the movie... it just hurts.
I love the Haruhi Suzumiya series so much... and while this was nice... it's missing so much of what made haruhi interesting.

Disappearance Yuki is just too boring... she has no defining characters... The reason Prime Yuki was so interesting and kind of worked well with kyon is that even though she acted emotionless kyon could partially see how she was feeling.
she is an all powerful alien who is dealing with emotions she cannot understand and he tries to help he with that struggle and it's great....
is this Yuki spends more time eating and playing games then interacting with him... and kyons a total moron who is unable to read other peoples emotions at all.
Not even going to go into the fact that Prime Kyon isn't stupid... he's actually really smart he's just lazy... his classmates even ask him for advice in class in the film.
in the novels he's constantly compairing things to actual theories or even saying quotes in other languages... he isn't stupid.
Ryoko was interesting in prime because she thirsted for knowledge and results and didn't care who or what she had to crush to get them... in this she is just there to make sure yuki doesn't starve... hell in the disappearance movie she even has a more interesting part since she desperately wants to protect her friend.
asahina has no buisness being in this series as the only thing that made her interesting was being a time traveller and in this there aren't any.
 Haruhi however... i really liked her in this... hey and kyons chemestry was perfect and seeing her and little kyon on tanabata and the fact that it was pretty much the same interaction... it made me so happy... unfortunately it made me more of a HaruhixKyon

I will say i'm glad the series ended the way it did.... even if at first it was like

Starts the final episode
continues to watch
"don't you do it show..... i watched that episode 8 times...... do not make it 9"
Phone rings
a familiar tune
"why must you tease me?! do you get pleasure from reminding me that season 3 of prime series haruhi will probably never happen?"
end of episode
"wonder if he finished his homework..."

but yeah... using the biggest middle finger to fans as the episode you want to end your series on... maybe not the best idea... i mean it works... but still...

But is Yuki-chan good?
partially... the episodes with haruhi are great... and the episodes where Yuki changes.... they were probably my favourite
but can i recommend the whole show? probably not... the original series is just so much better in my eyes.....
maybe if you haven't seen original haruhi suzumiya then give this a try before watching that? but i think you'd miss out on some of the jokes so maybe not.

however... if Satelight comes out and says "we plan to do season 3+ of haruhi" i would be so happy... it may not look as pretty as kyo-ani's.... but i'd rather kyo ani never adapt haruhi suzumiya again after the punch in the face that was endless 8...

i know this ramble doesn't make sense but my end point still stands... it's not as good as the show it's based on... but it has some really sweet moments.

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