Friday, 31 July 2015

A Lull in the Sea

Also known as/what i tend to call it: Nagi no Asukara.

But since i watched the Dub this time i figured the English title was more appropriate.

NISA's dub tend to range from Fantastic (Toradora) to oh god my ears (Cardcaptors which i know wasn't really their dub but they used it so yeah)

A Lull in the Sea is closer to Fantastic but i do have a few minor nitpicks.
Mostly pronunciation... and a few areas feel a bit stiff.

But yeah other then Manaka sounding like Monica for most of the dub and Ofuneheki/shioshishio/oshiooshi being really difficult to say in english and have make sense (especially that first one where they put so much emphasis on the 'he' part where it sounds like two separate words)
The acting is on point, the Bluray is well setup and the fact that it comes with the soundtrack (which is really pretty) just made this purchase well worth it...
It even came with the ofunehiki flag... which i will have to find a spot for cause it's kind of adorable.

This is easily one of my fav shows and i'm so happy to have a dub of it... it wasn't cheap (especially considering how terrible the canadian dollar is [omg .77 are you kidding me?!]) but worth every penny
plus the box is all sparkly... i'measily won over with glitter.

oh and watching the show again made me appreciate the first half more then the first time i watched it.
It just helped the overall theme hit home and i love that.

so yeah, watch it on Crunchy (sub only) or buy the lovely blurays from NISA but please try and watch this show... it's really really good.

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