Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal

It took over a year to put out 26 epsiodes...
I hope that if they do make more they wise up and do it weekly like damn near every other anime out there.
and i know they will do more... we are only halfway through... and i know they will continue to do this Twice a month crap.... because they are too full of themselves not to.

So... Story time? yes i think so.

When i was younger I would watch a channel we have in canada known as YTV.... it was pretty much the only channel i would watch... for the most part it showed cartoons for kids I think there was some anime but considering my memory of pre 1995 isn't really there i honestly couldn't tell you.... i think i watched Dragonball on there and thats technically my first anime but again... i don't remember so i don't count it.

Anyways in 95, sometime after october because i don't remember having a broken arm while watching it... I went to a friends house. She was a bit older then me but we were neighbors and back then everyone has the chance to be friends... so we were playing games and then suddenly she's like "oh no we have to watch Sailor moon"
I think i had heard of it but i hadn't watched any because the large eyes and extremely long limbs looked kind of ridiculous.
Still i didn't want to upset her so i watched the show, I remember it perfectly... it was the episode with the bus and the preeschool kids (just looked at my boxset and it sais episode 52 so a bit into R and right before the point where the channel would start replayin the show)
But yeah it quickly became my fav show.... probably was the time it aired was not the best...
I think it aired at 3:30pm and my school got out at 3:10 and with my short little legs it was probably a 15 min walk.
Still i would rush home after school and make it just in time for it to start.
It didn't matter how many times i saw the episodes (dic only aired Sailor moon and sailor moon r and even then it was like... release to a point then randomly jump back to the start.... then release a little more and randomly jump back to the start until it was all out) I would always rush home and watch it before doing anything else.

Years passed and i still loved it (granted by this time pokemon and other anime were coming out and i enjoyed those too)... it got to the point where my friends all wondered how i could still like a show for kids... i could see that to my friends anime was a fad that they had outgrown and i just didn't want to.
I got a little more silent about my love for anime (or more accurately cartoons considering i didn't know there was a difference till much later)
I would watch things in secret, almost ashamed of still enjoying 'kid stuff'
I started to doodle but never showed it to anyone (cause anyone who saw it laughed at how terrible it was... and it was terrible)
Then in Grade 8 I started Highschool and figured i really need to grow up and stop watching cartoons... we were about to move and i could be a whole new person.

However after we moved (and i got cable in my room) i was flipping through the channels i saw something i never thought i would see.
New epsidoes of sailor moon.
New scouts.
I could watch more of my favorite show... and i did...
screw being a new person... screw caring about what other things or what is 'kid stuff'
Shortly after that (like two years) there was an annoucement about an anime club starting at school...
I'm still friends with a lot of the people who attended that club... and i felt happier then i could ever be.

In a way i was really excited for this reboot cause i have so much personal history with sailor moon, i even went as Sailor Jupiter once for Halloween (I was six and it was adorable.... if i had the picture handy i would probably post it)
Then the reboot got delayed
and delayed some more
then the character designs came out and my heart dropped.
By the end of S and Super S the art was simply gorgeous... this was such a step backwards it was a little painful to look at.
Then it started
CG transformations were easily the worst thing because they just looked so rubbery and wrong, by the time venus got animated it looked okay but i still wish they would go back to traditionally drawn ones (because the one they did do traditionally looked really good)
The other disappointment was that none of them had any personality beyond saying other characters names.

The original anime may have been criticized for not sticking close to the source material but i would argue they did a better job or giving everyone a character and arc and purpose for being there.
You can take this adaption and cut Murcury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus out entirely and NOTHING would be lost. They don't do anything at all the entire series and i have a bit of a problem with that.

I hope as the show goes on they try to give the characters more personality... but if it stopped here i wouldn't be too upset cause you know what? i still have the original series and thats more then enough for me.
but yeah i cant recommend this adaptation... stick to the 90s version....

and if it does continue.... i will still hope that they do traditional transformations... not CG... Toei shouldn't be allowed anywhere neat CG... they are not good at it.
but.... i know that wont happen.

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